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That is, unless you and I raise our voices before they raise our taxes. As you may have heard, you are a part of that “1%” the politicians talk about. You see, they also look at your wealth even though they only talk about people with incomes of over $250,000 a year. As long-time real estate investors, you and I have much more wealth than most of those people who have yearly earnings of $250,000!

The difference? Most of them spend the $250,000, while you saved a part of whatever you earned. Apartment owners who have never earned over $50,000 a year from their jobs are worth millions and the politicians know it. They never talked about it because they wanted to suck in as many sheep as possible by getting voters to think bad things about high income people. They succeeded at getting the voters to think ill of everybody who was financially successful.

It’s now your turn! The politicians will be trying to turn voters against so-called “rich property owners” as they carry over this idea of creating ill will between the “haves” and the “have-nots”. In fact, you may have noticed that the news media is already dropping the 1% term and replacing it with “the wealthy”.

How Will They Do It?

The first thing that comes to mind is Proposition 13. The politicians have spent more money than they have forced us to pay and now they “need” more and more and more. So how can they get it? Simple – just change the rules that have protected property owners for so many years. Change Prop13 and they can raise property taxes on the “rich” commercial property owners. This is now possible because they have, for the first time, a 2/3 majority in both the Senate and the Assembly. The only way they can spend big is if they tax big and you are now their target!

Who Will Support The Politicians Doing This?

If they don’t touch homeowners, they will be able to pass their tax increases without much opposition. Only 1%-2% of the voters own commercial property. They can easily pit all the homeowners against the “rich commercial property owners” and keep the votes of the other 98%. It worked by tricking the voters in the last election to be in favor of taxing the “rich” who earned over $250,000. Many of these voters did not realize that they would probably be next. Just as these homeowners are now totally unaware that the politicians will eventually come after them too!

“Nothing But The Facts”

  • Proposition 13 limits the taxation of all property.
  • This can now be changed by our politicians with a 2/3 vote.
  • The party in favor of raising taxes now has a 2/3 majority in both the Senate and the Assembly.
  • They can collect millions more in taxes if they split the tax rolls on multi-family rental property and tax it at a higher rate than they tax homeowners’ properties.
  • Homeowners will not complain any more than those who earned less than $250,000 complained about taxing the “rich”. You know, “As long as they raise taxes on the other guy, it’s OK!”
  • Soooo, many legislators are now licking their chops and proposing that commercial property owners be taxed at a much higher rate than homeowners.
  • Our elected officials are already planning to put it on the ballot!
  • YOU are going to be “taken to the laundry” unless this whole idea can be stopped now.
  • A campaign to protect 100% of Prop13 is urgently needed today!

It Costs Money!

All apartment owners and other commercial property owners throughout the state must join together immediately. Don’t wait before you join together and do your part. Please don’t leave it up to AOA or any other organization. YOU are AOA and you are the intended victim that they are eventually going after and nobody else is more interested in keeping your property taxes from skyrocketing than YOU! All organizations in favor of property rights and/or lower taxes must join hands and ask their members to do two things right now.

Do It Now!

Number One: Write the Assemblyperson and the State Senator who represents you. You can get their name and address by going to or Explain to them how draconian a tax increase would be at this time and ask them to please lower the spending part of their budget. Tell them how you would personally be affected if that would help. Also tell them that the people voted Prop13 in and that it seems wrong for them to change it without a vote of the people. You might ask them to reduce spending instead of raising taxes.

Number Two: Donate, donate and donate some more! You can donate online at or send a check payable to the AOA Political Action Committee and mail it to AOA PAC at 6445 Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 300, Van Nuys, CA 91411 TODAY! Why not do it now before you stop reading this article or you will just forget about it until you receive your property tax bill with a huge increase of thousands of dollars. I’m sure you don’t want to send thousands of more dollars to the politicians to waste in Sacramento. So instead, send a much smaller check today to the AOA PAC. (As you know, political action costs money and your tenants are certainly not going to join together with your side. If you want the job done, you are the one who is going to have to do it.)

Your dollars will be put together with other organizations as we unite in strength to stop this nonsense of raising your taxes.

P.S. Please visit to donate at least $50 for every unit you own or control. More would be even better. Keep in mind that this project is just for you, and if lost, you will be paying many thousands of dollars more in taxes from now until forever! I know that you care, so let me hear from you today. Thank you for your support!!