The Cyclical Progression of the Business Cycle by Klarise Yahya, Commercial Mortgage Broker – BRE: 00957107; MLO: 249261

We live in interesting times. Some financial commentators continue to argue that we are not yet at the end of an economic bubble. Not all the pundits, but most of them, seem to base their position on the observation that yield relationships among various asset classes have widened, but remain approximately in place. The argument…

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Property Owner Sues City of Los Angeles for Nuisance, Dangerous Conditions that Put North Hollywood Residents at Risk

The complaint alleges Los Angeles officials have failed to maintain public safety and ignored the security and wellbeing of low-income and immigrant families.   LOS ANGELES, CA –[In October], Larson LLP filed a lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles for failing to maintain public safety and order in and around a city-controlled alley adjacent to a…

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