IN THE NEWS: More Cities Adopt Rent Control!

California state law that allows rent hikes to rise with inflation and landlords are allowed rent increases up to 10% — as long as those properties aren’t covered by local rent control. That has increased pressure to pass stricter forms of local rent control in some cities.  Below are cities that have recently adopted their own…

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What Are the 3 Most Important Things to Tenants Post-Pandemic? By Justin Becker

Tenants are thinking a little differently now post-pandemic, so what are the 3 most important things to tenants and what things in rentals are they are looking for these days? There is no argument that the best tenants are the ones who pay rent on time, have long-term leases, and respect the properties they occupy. As…

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Real Estate Market

What’s Happening with the Current Housing Market By Lloyd Segal

The house-buying craze, [especially in Los Angeles], has lost momentum, in some cases forcing sellers to lower list prices, forget about bidding wars and multiple offers, and in certain scenarios, heaven forbid, cut commissions. Shouldered by the pandemic, the housing market was seeing homes sold at record prices, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars over…

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