Legal Q&A

Legal Q & A by Richard Beckman

Below are questions asked by rental property owners regarding California rent control laws followed by answers provided by Attorney Richard Beckman. Question 1:  Is there any update on the lawsuits against the eviction moratoriums in Oakland, Berkeley and Alameda County? Answer 1:  The case Williams et al v. Alameda County Board of Supervisors is a…

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Did You Know

Something to Think About #121 – Henry J. Kaiser Henry J. Kaiser (1882– 967) Part 3: The Paving Co. by Klarise Yahya, Commercial Mortgage Broker

Continued . . . Ten months after leaving Lake Placid Henry J. returned with enough money to placate his future father-in-law. The home for Bessie was not yet built, but something in her demeanor might have told Daddy Fosburgh that this time he’d better acquiesce, or risk losing a daughter instead of gaining a son-in-law.…

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Tax Liens

How to Buy Real Estate for 60%, 70% or 80% Below the Tax Assessed Value with No Mortgage or Deed of Trust Loan By Ted Thomas

You have a choice, watch others make a small fortune with small amounts of cash while you stand on the sidelines or you can take action and learn more.  A father and son from Ventura using funds from an IRA retirement account purchased five acres and quickly resold for an impressive profit of $125,000.  A…

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It’s Here! The FREE “Million Dollar” Trade Show and Landlording Conference!

It’s Here!   The FREE “Million Dollar” Trade Show and Landlording Conference! Thursday, October 27th at the Long Beach Convention Center, Hall C! Mark your calendars for Thursday, October 27th for AOA’s “Million Dollar Trade Show and Landlording Conference” in Long Beach. You will meet just about every contractor and vendor you will ever need……

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