Utility Cost Recovery

How to Maximize Your Multifamily Property’s NOI: Utility Billing Best Practices by the Livable Team

Utility cost recovery is critical to maximizing a multifamily property’s NOI. Non-payments (and late payments) impact cash flow and the homeowner or property manager’s ability to properly budget. Of course, there are a number of factors that impact utility cost recovery. But (arguably) the most important – resident billing itself – is too often overlooked. Why…

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Security Deposit Refunds

How to Mitigate Escalating Charges Against Tenant Security Deposits By Renee Engelen

As a professional property manager, I am committed to balancing the legal and ethical obligations to residents of rental dwelling units; providing safe and habitable housing, while simultaneously serving the owners’ financial interests. When landlord’s and tenant’s opinions do not align, conflicts often occur – sometimes, to a level of irreconcilable differences. However, those conflicts…

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Utility Conservation

How to Secure a Cost-Effective Property By Livable

It’s important to conserve water and energy to help the planet. The conservation efforts that you implement in your properties can also help increase your income from your properties. There are many ways to increase the net operating income (NOI) of your property. Across the country, property owners are searching for ways to increase their…

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