The Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act and Renewable Energy: How Much Can You Save?

The below article was written by Daniel Sharabi, CEO of Livable.  Livable is a full-service residential & commercial real estate billing partner. Focusing on bulk amenity/utility billing, their mission is to promote savings and conservation through education. Their suite of cloud services and end-to-end solutions helps to reduce monthly consumption, overall expenses and adds more…

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Housing Industry News By Lloyd Segal, President of The Los Angeles County Real Estate Investors Association

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and times are, arguably, increasingly desperate. The persistence of high inflation might force the Federal Reserve to resort to the biggest increase in a key U.S. interest rate in more than 40 years. After another dismal inflation report (see below), economists predict a full-percentage-point increase in the Fed’s benchmark…

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Rental Market

White Hot Rental Market By Mercedes Shaffer

While the housing market has been cooling off mostly due to higher interest rates, the rental market is white hot! Bidding wars on rentals are driving up the market for newly listed properties. When the pandemic hit, we had historically low inventory throughout California, historically low interest rates and huge buyer demand.  This resulted in…

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721 Exchange

Consider Including a 721 Exchange as One of Your DST 1031 Exit Strategy Options By Dwight Kay, Founder and CEO Kay Properties & Investments

One of the most important questions all real estate investors should ask themselves is, “What is my long-term strategy?” In the case of Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) investors, exit strategies come into play once the investment period has concluded, or gone “Full Cycle”. Full Cycle is a term used to describe a DST property that…

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