Tax Liens

How to Buy Real Estate for 60%, 70% or 80% Below the Tax Assessed Value with No Mortgage or Deed of Trust Loan By Ted Thomas

You have a choice, watch others make a small fortune with small amounts of cash while you stand on the sidelines or you can take action and learn more.  A father and son from Ventura using funds from an IRA retirement account purchased five acres and quickly resold for an impressive profit of $125,000.  A…

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Real Estate Market

What’s Happening with the Current Housing Market By Lloyd Segal

The house-buying craze, [especially in Los Angeles], has lost momentum, in some cases forcing sellers to lower list prices, forget about bidding wars and multiple offers, and in certain scenarios, heaven forbid, cut commissions. Shouldered by the pandemic, the housing market was seeing homes sold at record prices, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars over…

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Saving Money and Energy in Summer

How to Save Money and Energy This Summer

The below article was written by Daniel Sharabai of Livable.  Livable is a full-service residential & commercial real estate billing partner. Focusing on bulk amenity/utility billing, our mission is to promote savings and conservation through education. Our suite of cloud services and end-to-end solutions helps to reduce monthly consumption, overall expenses and adds more money…

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