Los Angeles Expands Renter Protections – New Laws You Must Know By Patricia A. Harris

The city of Los Angeles has expanded renter protections.  The new protections now cover ALL RENTALS, including condominiums and single family homes in the City of L.A. NEW LAWS AND PROCEDURES Renter Protections Notice All residential rental property owners must provide a “Notice of Renters’ Protections” to tenants who begin or renew their tenancy on or…

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Steps to Making Public Facilities Comply With the ADA and CA Laws and Codes By Anthony C. Guichard

Owners, franchisors, architects, designers and building contractors who participate in the design and construction of shopping centers, strip centers, hotels, apartment buildings, restaurants and other places that are open to the public must ensure that these facilities comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”). Preventing ADA mistakes is much less expensive if the mistakes…

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A Recap of Housing-Related Bills Passed, Vetoed, or Killed During the 2022 CA State Legislative Session From the SPOSFI Newsletter

BILLS PASSED & SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR: (And supported or sponsored by CalRHA) AB 916 (Salas): Prohibits a city or county legislative body from adopting or enforcing an ordinance requiring a public hearing as a condition of reconfiguring existing space to increase the bedroom count within an existing dwelling unit. AB 1695 (Santiago): Allows for…

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Reasonable Accommodation Forms

Reasonable Accommodation Request Forms: How Can They Be Helpful? By the Fair Housing Institute

Reasonable accommodation requests can be completely obvious and straightforward. Still, more often than not, they require a little bit more due diligence or investigation to verify the need for what is being requested. Along with that is the range of requests a leasing office can come across: accessible unit, live-in aide, and parking-spot requests, just…

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Legal Q & A Dennis Block

Below are questions asked by rental property owners regarding California rent control laws followed by answers provided by eviction attorney Dennis Block.   Question One: My property is subject to the Los Angeles City Rent Stabilization Ordinance. I read that you can proceed with evictions if tenants did not pay a security deposit equal to…

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Questions and Answers

Legal Q & A By Richard Beckman, Esq.

Below are questions asked by rental property owners regarding California rent control laws followed by answers provided by Attorney Richard Beckman.   Question 1:  What is the latest on the lawsuits against the eviction moratoriums in Oakland and Alameda County? Answer 1: As of November 21, when last checked, there is no news from the…

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