Open Letter to the Board of Supervisors and All Other Politicians Voting for Any Form of Rent Control!

Dear Board of Supervisors: (letter to the board of supervisors and all other politicians voting for any form of rent control., Before you pull the “my constituents need me to do this” card to cast your edict over the realm (sounds feudal, doesn’t it?) and extend the eviction moratorium, or consider some monetary threshold landlords…

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How to Maximize Your Multifamily Property’s NOI with Utility Billing Best Practices in 2023 By Livable

Utility cost recovery is critical to maximizing a multifamily property’s NOI. Non-payments (and late payments) impact cash flow and the homeowner or property manager’s ability to properly budget. Of course, a number of factors impact utility cost recovery. But (arguably) the most important – resident billing itself – is too often overlooked. Why does billing matter…

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EV Charging Station

Apartment EV Charging: A Progressive, Sustainable Management Strategy By The Editors of The Rental Housing Journal

Apartment hunting can be challenging for electric vehicle owners since they see charging stations as a necessity, not an amenity, in the community. Electric vehicle charging stations, and other next-gen amenities, can be effective tools for marketing a property, but only if used effectively. The landscape of property management and ownership is expected to undergo…

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