L.A. County Approves New Program For Regular Inspections By David Wagner of LAist, (published 4/16/2024)

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has unanimously voted to increase apartment inspections and withhold rent payments from negligent landlords, a vote that comes years after initial plans to overhaul enforcement of healthy housing standards were first introduced. The 5-0 vote [in April] sets up a Rental Housing Habitability Program to inspect all apartments in unincorporated parts of…

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Northern California

Vacancy Control: “Crackbrained Meddling by the Authorities” By Brian Wallace, SPOSF/SPOSFI President

Pity the poor vacant apartment. Everybody seems to think they know what’s best for it. On one hand, we have Michael Weinstein’s so-called “Justice for Renters Act,” a statewide ballot measure to repeal Costa-Hawkins and open the door to the ultimate goal of rent-control zealots: vacancy control. On the other hand, we have Prop. M, a…

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Mastering Communication: A Must for Apartment Owners – by Brittney Ochira, Associate Director of Training Operations, National Conflict Resolution Center

Owning an apartment complex isn’t just about managing properties—it’s about finding long-term, reliable residents who feel at home. To create such environments, where your residents are personally invested in caring for the financial investment you’ve made, effective communication is an infrequently discussed but key strategy.  In 2023, the National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC) conducted surveys…

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