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Occupancy Limits – How to Decide and How to Enforce By the Fair Housing Institute

It is imperative to stay updated on local regulations and seek legal counsel, when necessary, to ensure that occupancy policies are fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory. Moreover, proactive communication, clear guidelines, and ongoing training will ensure that every staff member will maintain compliance. Q:  Is there an occupancy limit law that housing providers have to follow?…

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ACA 10: Will California be the First State to Establish Housing as a Human Right? By Brian Wallace, SPOSF/SPOSFI Board Member

The belief that housing is a human right may go from the philosophical roundtable to the State Legislature to the ballot box and into the California Constitution if former supervisor and current Assemblyman, Matt Haney has his way. What Does “Housing is a Human Right“ Mean? In March of this year, Assemblyman Haney introduced Assembly Constitutional…

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It’s Here! The FREE “Million Dollar” Trade Show and Landlording Conference! Thursday, October 19th at the Long Beach Convention Center, Hall C!

Mark your calendars for Thursday, October 19th for AOA’s “Million Dollar Trade Show and Landlording Conference” in Long Beach. You will meet just about every contractor and vendor you will ever need… it’s called the “Million Dollar Event” of the year. Come and help us celebrate and who knows, you may even go home with…

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Something to Think About #133: Oral Tradition by Klarise Yahya, Commercial Mortgage Broker, BRE: 00957107 – MLO: 249261

The Wikipedia summarizer provides an excellent description of the Oral tradition. Oral tradition is a form of human communication where knowledge, art, ideas, and cultural material is received, preserved, and transmitted orally from one generation to another through speech or song. It is not the same as testimony or oral history. Oral tradition refers to the…

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Something to Think About #132: Part 3: The Mission Indians by Klarise Yahya, Commercial Mortgage Broker – BRE: 00957107; MLO: 249261

The construction of Spanish missions was cabined by limitations on skilled labor, available building materials, and the priestly desire to create notable buildings, perhaps even reminiscent of the grand public buildings in Spain. This article briefly summarizes the effect of Spanish rule on the Indians providing the unskilled labor that first constructed and later supported…

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Oppose the “Justice for Renters Act” 2024 By Michael Millman, Esq.

The below letter was sent out by Attorney Michael Millman. Dear Friends: Although every tenant activist affirms and agrees that upon the completion and passing of a comprehensive statewide rent control law, (AB 1482), there would be no further challenge or attack on the “protections” secured by the 1995 Costa-Hawkins Fair Housing Act. It appears…

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Despite the Coming Gas Ban, California is Far From Ready to Go “All Electric” By Chaz Peling, CEO of SolSolutions LLC

In the rush to phase out fossil fuels to reduce the impacts of climate change, California’s state and city governments are ramping up a large number of mandated changes and phase-outs around fossil-fuel-based equipment, appliances and vehicles, used in homes, buildings, transportation and everyday living and business activity. This article specifically addresses recent permit and…

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