Prop 13

Proposition 13: Same Song, Different Decade by Jon Coupal, President of Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

More than 42 years ago, California voters overwhelmingly enacted Proposition 13 in response to out-of-control property taxes. Even with the passage of time, Prop. 13 remains very popular among citizens of all political stripes. Nonetheless, many politicians and bureaucrats hate Prop. 13 because it prevents them from taking unlimited cash from the taxpaying public. In…

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Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)

The Importance of the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) for Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 Exchange Investors by Kay Properties

All Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 Exchange real estate investments must be accompanied by a unique Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) as part of its due diligence and marketing presentations. However, even more importantly, all potential investors must make a point to read thoroughly the contents of the PPM in order to get a full picture of…

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1031 Exchange Advisor

Why Work with a Licensed 1031 Exchange Advisor? Austin Bowlin, CPA – Partner at Real Estate Transition Solutions

Austin Bowlin IRC Section 1031 is undeniably one of the most generous sections of the tax code; however, the IRS rules and timing requirements to complete a tax deferred 1031 exchange are stringent. Navigating the 1031 process can be complex and a misstep can result in either a failed exchange or the purchase of replacement property that is not suitable. Experienced real estate…

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Jeff: What an inspiration writing in this month’s AOA “From the President” – [August issue].  I appreciated the story of Jerry as well as the “try this” 1-9. My Mom and business partner, (age 100), says her secret to living so long is to “love people” and trust in God.  Again, thank you.   Arlene…

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Why No City Wants to Be Seattle By Attorney Ethan Blevins of the Pacific Legal Foundation

Attorney Ethan Blevins City Planners tremble as they whisper a new term that embodies their fears – “Seattle-ization.”  Washington’s Emerald City, one the byword for urban vitality, is now outpacing San Francisco as a cautionary tale in how over-regulation strangles the housing market. That does not mean, unfortunately, that observers understand the root cause of…

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