Are Your Building’s Balconies Safe with Dry Rot? (California’s SB 721 and SB 326 Mandate Compliance by Statutory Deadlines) By Omid Ghanadiof, EEEAdvisor Engineering

As the deadline for the California Balcony Laws SB 721 and SB 326 comes closer and closer, the California-based engineering inspection company, here are more tips for inspections of your buildings and apartments to ensure you can comply correctly and easily. What Must Be Inspected?  Exterior Elevated Elements (EEEs) These two state laws are designed…

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The Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act and Renewable Energy: How Much Can You Save?

The below article was written by Daniel Sharabi, CEO of Livable.  Livable is a full-service residential & commercial real estate billing partner. Focusing on bulk amenity/utility billing, their mission is to promote savings and conservation through education. Their suite of cloud services and end-to-end solutions helps to reduce monthly consumption, overall expenses and adds more…

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Proposition 19 Was a Total Bait and Switch, Proposition 30 This Year Is, Too – By Jon Coupal, President of Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

Before voters get too consumed with the upcoming November election and the myriad of special-interest initiatives on the ballot, let’s take a moment to review a harsh lesson in ballot measure “bait and switch” tactics, specifically Proposition 19 from November 2020. What happened with that measure could easily repeat itself with one of the initiatives…

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Duplex Housing Law Met with Fierce Resistance – by California Cities By CalMatters

Cities around the state are trying to circumvent California’s new law allowing duplexes to be built on properties previously zoned as single-family. Their methods include everything from removing parking and forbidding vehicle ownership to requiring arbitrary amounts of mature vegetation. The state housing department is gearing up to send stern warnings to cities trying to…

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IN THE NEWS: More Cities Adopt Rent Control!

California state law that allows rent hikes to rise with inflation and landlords are allowed rent increases up to 10% — as long as those properties aren’t covered by local rent control. That has increased pressure to pass stricter forms of local rent control in some cities.  Below are cities that have recently adopted their own…

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CA Housing Industry

Politicians Continue to Destroy California’s Housing Industry

It’s been over two years since the eviction moratorium, and some landlords have collected no rent for that entire period.  Many housing providers received no relief from while others have given up on the whole idea of providing housing and sold their units.  Investors are avoiding California and are investing in more “landlord-friendly” environments.  …

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Equity Theft

Stop Home Equity Theft by the State of California! By Jon Coupal, President of Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and Joshua Polk, Attorney at Pacific Legal Foundation

Property rights are one of the most fundamental constitutional provisions that protect Americans against government abuse. Unfortunately, these rights are regularly under assault by state and local tax collectors who aggressively target homeowners who have fallen behind on their property tax payments. Constant vigilance is necessary to protect property owners against any government encroachments on…

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