Northern California

Vacancy Control: “Crackbrained Meddling by the Authorities” By Brian Wallace, SPOSF/SPOSFI President

Pity the poor vacant apartment. Everybody seems to think they know what’s best for it. On one hand, we have Michael Weinstein’s so-called “Justice for Renters Act,” a statewide ballot measure to repeal Costa-Hawkins and open the door to the ultimate goal of rent-control zealots: vacancy control. On the other hand, we have Prop. M, a…

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IN THE NEWS: Rental History Removed from Rental Qualifications by City of Santa Monica

Citing a concern that applicants currently or recently homeless might face rejection when applying for an apartment in Santa Monica, the city council passed an ordinance in February prohibiting rejection by rental housing providers for lack of rental history. To avoid charges of discrimination, this applies to all applicants, regardless of source of income or…

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Court Rules: Subtenants in Rent-Controlled Apartments Have No Right to Remain Following Master Tenant’s Forfeiture By Daniel Bornstein, Esq., Bornstein Law

  In San Francisco and other rent-controlled jurisdictions, the longer the tenant resides in the unit, the cheaper his or her rent becomes. As a result, tenants are discouraged from moving on to new housing, allowing for additional opportunities for housing to actually open up. Tenants who have a rental agreement in a building subject…

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Alameda’s Adjusted Relocation Payments Went Into Effect July 1, 2023 from the city of Alameda

  The Alameda Rent Ordinance prevents landlords from terminating a tenancy except for certain allowable grounds and requires a relocation payment in circumstances that are not the fault of the tenant. Amounts for these relocation payments were established by city council resolution and are adjusted annually based on a component of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) calculated…

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