Rent Control

Property Owners of Units in Alameda Subject to Rent Control! By the City of Alameda

Beginning May 1, 2022, landlords of most Alameda rental units may serve their tenant with rent increase notices of no more than 2.7%, after the Alameda City Council adopted new legislation altering the moratorium on rent increases. The change applies to multi-unit properties built prior to February 1995, which are subject to a cap on the annual…

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Lawsuit Filed Against LA County and AOA’s State-wide Phone Campaign!

Alameda County, Los Angeles County, and multiple cities throughout the state continue to extend baseless eviction bans. April 1st is actually Day 742 of the housing provider hostage crisis. Our local politicians’ actions show that they do not care about the pain and suffering that they are causing housing providers. Their main priority is the…

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New Legislation Would Require “10 Days’ Notice to Cure” For Any Fault-Based Eviction | Justin A. Goodman

Supervisor Dean Preston (D5) has introduced legislation “to require landlords pursuing certain types of evictions to first provide their tenants written notice and an opportunity to cure” within 10 days unless the eviction is based on an imminent health or safety issue or the non-payment of COVID-19 rental debt.  San Francisco is a “just cause…

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Legal Q & A by Richard Beckman

Below are questions asked by rental property owners regarding California rent control laws followed by answers provided by Attorney Richard Beckman. Question 1:   Do you know of any new laws for 2022 that affect the rental industry? Answer 1:  Other than, of course, the pandemic related legislation, the California legislature was relatively quiet in…

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San Francisco Owners and Renters May See Rent Relief By Noni Richen

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels   Federal Legislation governing rent assistance presented states with three options: State Rental Assistance Program, the Block Grant Option, or having part of the state allocation distributed through local jurisdictions. California chose to run the program in smaller jurisdictions, but offered larger jurisdictions the ability to elect to run their own programs.…

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