Security Deposit Refunds

How to Mitigate Escalating Charges Against Tenant Security Deposits By Renee Engelen

As a professional property manager, I am committed to balancing the legal and ethical obligations to residents of rental dwelling units; providing safe and habitable housing, while simultaneously serving the owners’ financial interests. When landlord’s and tenant’s opinions do not align, conflicts often occur – sometimes, to a level of irreconcilable differences. However, those conflicts…

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What You Don’t Know About Tenant Satisfaction May Be Costing You | Grace Hill

The impact COVID-19 has had on commercial real estate is significant. However, not all shifts have been negative. According to Forbes, the pandemic has generated some innovative possibilities for the CRE market in 2021, including more affordable rental prices, smart building tech, and software specifically geared toward enhancing the tenant experience. But do technology and…

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6 Lessons for Housing Providers from the COVID-19 Pandemic and 2022 Multifamily Completions to Set New Record By the Editors of the Rental Housing Journal

Here are six lessons for landlords from the pandemic that may help better prepare for the future should another potential disaster appear. COVID-19 created a perfect storm for landlords, many of whom were thrown curveball after curveball, requiring them to adjust on the fly for their renters. The most challenging part for a landlord during…

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