Legal Q&A

Legal Q & A By Dennis Block

Below are questions asked by rental property owners regarding California rent control laws followed by answers provided by eviction attorney Dennis Block. Question One: I have a four-plex in the City of Los Angeles which is under rent control. I am doing upgrades including installing an air conditioner in each unit. The cost for these…

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IN THE NEWS: More Cities Adopt Rent Control!

California state law that allows rent hikes to rise with inflation and landlords are allowed rent increases up to 10% — as long as those properties aren’t covered by local rent control. That has increased pressure to pass stricter forms of local rent control in some cities.  Below are cities that have recently adopted their own…

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Rent Control

Property Owners of Units in Alameda Subject to Rent Control! By the City of Alameda

Beginning May 1, 2022, landlords of most Alameda rental units may serve their tenant with rent increase notices of no more than 2.7%, after the Alameda City Council adopted new legislation altering the moratorium on rent increases. The change applies to multi-unit properties built prior to February 1995, which are subject to a cap on the annual…

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Jeff: What an inspiration writing in this month’s AOA “From the President” – [August issue].  I appreciated the story of Jerry as well as the “try this” 1-9. My Mom and business partner, (age 100), says her secret to living so long is to “love people” and trust in God.  Again, thank you.   Arlene…

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Multifamily Investments

Rent-Controlled Markets Feel Reduction in Multifamily Investments by John Triplett

A new survey shows that almost 60 percent of multifamily firms indicate they are reducing or avoiding investment in rent-controlled markets, according to the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC). An additional 15 percent say they are considering cutting back in those markets. Conversely, only a quarter (27 percent) of firms are willing to keep their current or…

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