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Rent Control Contributes to Affordable Housing Shortage

The below article was written by John Triplett of the Rental Housing Journal.  The RentalHousingJournal.com is an interactive community of multifamily investors, independent rental home owners, residential property management professionals and other rental housing and real estate professionals.  Rent control laws are contributing to a shortage of affordable housing, according to economists. When rent caps…

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Rent Control Board reminds landlords who evict tenants with the Ellis Act that they have to go out of business

Ellis: Ellis Act evictions have increased over time. Courtesy image Overview: The Rent Control Board wants landlords who evict tenants to actually leave the rental market when they use a state law to remove renters from rent controlled properties The Rent Control Board (RCB) wants landlords who evict tenants using a state law to adhere…

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Rent Control Suffocates Landlords, Hurting the Housing Market and Disempowering Tenants By Opportunity Now

A recent study out of Northwestern University found that San Francisco’s rent control policies have managed to release a wave of, yes, more frequent evictions. Progressives are gawking and puzzling through the irony, but Jennifer Liu—Business and Housing Network’s (BAHN) president—isn’t all that shocked. Liu’s Opp Now exclusive (perspective below) on why CA’s restrictive housing…

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2023-2024 California’s Maximum Rent Increases for Units Covered by AB 1482 (Tenant Protection Act)

The announced maximum allowable increases for 2023, applicable to properties covered by AB 1482 (The California Tenant Protection Act) will go into effect August 1, 2023, and will be in place until the end of July, 2024. The maximum allowable increase is calculated by adding five percent to the Consumer Price Index for the respective…

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Inflation Slams California’s Rental Market – How to Fight Back by Mercedes Shaffer, Realtor

Rent control policies have long been a topic of debate, with proponents arguing for tenant protection and affordable housing, while opponents claim rent control has the opposite effect.  In California, where the housing crisis is particularly severe, statewide rent control limits rent increases to 5% + CPI, with a max of a 10% annual increase. …

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