Health and Safety

The Importance of Health and Safety Inspections By James Henshell, General Council of CFG Investments

Under California law, landlords must conduct periodic health and safety inspections for rental properties. These inspections ensure the properties are safe for tenants and protect the landlord’s financial investment. These inspections will save landlords money and headaches by checking on structural items and other portions of the properties. Before giving possession to a tenant, the…

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Complying with Fair Housing

What Apartment Operators Need to Know in 2022 – Staying Compliant with Fair Housing by Grace Hill

Apartment companies’ attention to fair housing training needs to occur during more than just April. And while April is Fair Housing Month, this training is crucial year-round to ensure that both new and experienced workers at every level and department are not liabilities. Fair housing issues require updated policies and procedures every year. It is…

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WiFi Internet

Sending Strong Signals – A Luxury No More

When it comes to Wi-Fi systems, the absolute baseline for multifamily properties is to provide residents and staff with a strong, reliable, and consistent signal. From new construction to decades-old buildings that may pose significant signal  challenges, property managers are expected to meet modern standards for omnipresent and robust connectivity. The good news? While meeting…

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NNN Investments

Time to Trade Your Multifamily Property into a Commercial or NNN Investment?

Many real estate investors are transitioning from multifamily investments to commercial and NNN investments. Why are they doing this? Because they are tired of dealing with the day-to-day challenges of managing residential properties. This pace has accelerated over the last two years as residential tenants have been unable or unwilling to pay rent as a…

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