Security Deposit Refunds

How to Mitigate Escalating Charges Against Tenant Security Deposits By Renee Engelen

As a professional property manager, I am committed to balancing the legal and ethical obligations to residents of rental dwelling units; providing safe and habitable housing, while simultaneously serving the owners’ financial interests. When landlord’s and tenant’s opinions do not align, conflicts often occur – sometimes, to a level of irreconcilable differences. However, those conflicts…

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Letter to LA City Council Regarding the Proposed Ban of Criminal, Eviction, and Credit History (Tenant Screening)

Dear Councilmember [Last Name]: Greetings. I strongly oppose the “Fair Chance Housing Policy” that has been proposed by the BRD. These “renter protection measures” are the opposite of what they are advertised to be! It would compromise all innocent renters, especially the weak and elderly. Below are some points you may want to consider. Regarding…

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