A Parade Of Lies From The Tax-Loving League Of California Cities By: Jon Coupal, President of Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

We’ve seen this before. Whenever taxpayers qualify an initiative for the statewide ballot that brings fiscal sanity to a fiscally insane California, local government interests respond with unhinged hysteria, claiming that empowering voters to approve tax and fee increases will bring about the end of Western Civilization. Well, cue the theatrics because here we are…

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Housing Industry News By Lloyd Segal, President of The Los Angeles County Real Estate Investors Association

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and times are, arguably, increasingly desperate. The persistence of high inflation might force the Federal Reserve to resort to the biggest increase in a key U.S. interest rate in more than 40 years. After another dismal inflation report (see below), economists predict a full-percentage-point increase in the Fed’s benchmark…

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Hoover Dam

Something to Think About #122: Henry J. Kaiser (1882–1967) – Part 4: Hoover Dam by Klarise Yahya, Commercial Mortgage Broker, BRE: 00957107; MLO: 249261

Continued . . . These were the circumstances under which Henry J. assumed control of his paving company. The economics were splendid: better cars meant more driving which increased the demand for improved roads, which Congress was soon to fund to increase employment during the Depression. This recipe for wealth, wherein supply creates its own…

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