This article was posted on Sunday, Aug 12, 2012

Looking for ways to reduce turnover costs and start saving money this summer? In addition to the obvious health and safety benefits of reducing exposure to secondhand smoke, making your rental properties completely smoke free can be a smart business decision. Check out the following 3 great reasons to make your properties smoke free:

California’s Smoke Free Housing Law!
As of January 1, 2012, landlords explicitly have the right to make their rental properties smoke free under Senate Bill 332 (SB 332). SB 332 authorizes landlords to prohibit smoking on any part of the property they manage, including within units. If you own properties in Long Beach, you can call the Long Beach Health Department, Tobacco Education Program at (562) 570-7950 for free assistance with making your rental property smoke free.

Save Money!

¢    Lower Costs: Maintenance and turnover costs are significantly lower for non-smoking units. Refurbishing the apartment of a heavy smoker for the next tenant requires more time and effort in repainting. In many instances, carpeting, draperies, and upholstered furniture must be replaced rather than cleaned. According to a recent survey of California multi-unit housing owners and managers, rental properties without a smoke free policy incur an average of $4,935 in smoking related costs per year. **
¢    Reduced legal liability: There is increasing possibility that a lawsuit could be brought against apartment owners regarding drifting smoke and reasonable accommodations. Mitigate this risk preemptively by creating a smoke free policy.
¢    Possibility for discounted fire insurance: Contact your insurance provider to find out if you would be eligible for a discount if you were to designate your building as 100% smoke free.

‘s What Tenants Want!
Did you know 82% of California apartment residents prefer to live in a smoke free apartment building? * More and more apartment owners are prohibiting smoking within their rental units to fill a growing demand in California.

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Interested? What Do You Do Next?
Call the City of Long Beach Tobacco Education Program to receive a free copy of the booklet, How Landlords Can Prohibit Smoking in Rental Housing and to learn more about the legalities and benefits of creating a smoke free policy for your apartment.

City of Long Beach Department of Health & Human Services, Tobacco Education Program  at (562) 570-7950.   (Sources;*American Lung Association CA Statewide Survey, 2004, **American Journal of Public Health, (2011) Estimates of Smoking Related Costs in California Multiunit Housing, Ong, et al).

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