Debt Reporting


You Can Now Recover More of Your Money With the AOA Debt Reporting Service!

Here’s how the AOA Debt Reporting System Works:

Phase I consists of a 120-day non-contingent claim period. Once you report your debtor, the AOA-approved collections agency will immediately run a skip trace and send out a demand letter to your debtor. The debtor has 60 days to dispute the claim. By Day 90, the top-three credit bureaus will have received the debt report on your former tenant.

If you recover any of the debt before the 120-day non-contingent claim period ends, you may keep the total amount in full, as long as you successfully cancel the service before the 120-day period ends. During Phase I, you may cancel the contract without any cancellation penalty. An extra charge will apply if canceled anytime after Phase I.

After Day 120, your contract will automatically roll into the contingency plan. At that point, the collections agency will spring into action and attempt to recover the money. They will process more skip traces, make phone calls, and send out additional letters to your debtor. If any of the debt is recovered, you will receive 62% of the amount collected. Any direct payments/adjustments made to your tenant’s account in phase II should be reported to the collection agency to ensure propert credit reporting of accounts. The debtor will be actively pursued and the case will remain open, so your former tenant may continue to be reported to Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax for up to seven years.

We’re Here for You

For status updates, you may contact the debt reporting department. Additionally, we will contact you with any payment offers from your former tenant. We hope that the AOA Debt Reporting Service brings good results for you.

Hold Renters Accountable Through Debt Reporting

By holding your former tenant accountable, you help create an awareness for your former tenant and other renters. It is vitally important that renters realize that there are consequences for not keeping their promise to pay for the housing provided to them. Lack of accountability leads to corruption and the decay of a society; integrity is the bedrock of a thriving community.

Don’t wait, make your tenants accountable today!

It really is a win-win situation.