This article was posted on Monday, Feb 01, 2016

Algae Free Pools

You don’t have to be a chemist to have algae free and sparkly clear pool water! Our non-chemical and ECO-FRIENDLY mineral algaecide products have been time tested since 1994 and are used WORLD WIDE by pool maintenance companies, hotels, resorts, municipal pools, aquatic centers, water parks, home owners, and more. They will eliminate the growth of all types of algae including green, yellow-mustard, and even black algae and the need for harsh chemicals including shock, chemical algaecides, phosphate removers, clarifiers, and sodium bromide.  

Reduction in Chlorine Improve Water Quality

You will see up to a 75% reduction in your chlorine demand (BIG SAVINGS) and will also help balance the pool water chlorine levels that are important for swimmer comfort (eyes and skin). You will not believe the difference it will make in your pool water quality and it’s not affected by sunlight or heat.

This will change the way you maintain your pool water while saving you time and money! Our products are not compatible with bromine products (Biguanide, Baquacil, Revacil, or Soft Swim). If you have bromine products in your pool or spa, drain it and go back to chlorine. Our products are EPA registered and work great with chlorine, ozone, salt, and ultraviolet systems. 

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Safe for Swimmers

The minerals will not harm your skin, eyes, hair, or lungs compared to high levels of chlorine and other harsh chemicals. Try it one time and you’ll never be without it! Our products treat from spas to water parks and every type of pool in between! Our products will also eliminate the growth of all types of algae (even when your chlorine levels are at zero) plus help balance your chlorine and pH. levels that are crucial for the swimmer’s comfort – eyes, skin and lungs. 

Salt System Benefits

Our non-chemical mineral algaecide will allow you to cut your salt demand and reduce the acid needed to balance the pool water pH. levels. You can turn the salt cell down 50% of previous settings. The mineral formulation includes a natural de-scaler that keeps the cell cleaner, longer while reducing frequency of cleaning. There is no need for other harsh chemicals.  All of these factors improve the water quality, while prolonging the life of the salt cell and reducing scale build up on surfaces and equipment.  

List of Benefits

Eliminate the growth of all types of algae (green, yellow-mustard and black algae).  

  • Mineral booster required after 5-6 months. Minerals are only lost through back wash, splash out and heavy algae kill.
  • Balanced chlorine and pH levels that are crucial for bacteria kill and swimmers comfort (eyes and skin) and eliminating specialty chemicals gives you less fluctuation of chlorine / pH levels and easier pool chemical maintenance (less guess work for chlorine and pH balance).
  • Reduces scaling to help prolong pool pump equipment life and less pool wall scrubbing.
  • Easy installation.
  • Simply drop the cylinder into skimmer or pump basket. Pools from 75,000 to millions of gallons-drop cylinder(s) and add minerals as directed.
  • Will reduce chlorine demand up to 75%.
  • Reduces pool water maintenance headaches.
  • Ideal for chlorine, ozone, ultraviolet and salt systems.
  • Improves water quality for you, your customers, your tenants, or your family members.
  • You will NEVER have an algae problem again-while reducing “chemical soup” in your water.
  • Pool maintenance companies – try it in your worst pools first, you won’t believe the results. Free shipping included with all orders in the continental United States. All credit card orders are processed through Shopify. (we also accept checks and money orders made payable to Clear Pool USA)         

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