This article was posted on Wednesday, Feb 01, 2023

Hey San Diego! We created a resource page specifically for housing providers who own property in San Diego. You will find local contractors and vendors along with other resources that you may need as you manage your properties. This page also hosts the monthly “Legal Q & A” that is written by a San Diego eviction attorney, along with other local articles from the AOA Magazine. 

San Diego AOA Channel on YouTube!

We reorganized our video content by area, so San Diego has its own segment. You can now find content that is specific to San Diego by searching for, “AOAUSA” on YouTube. You may have noticed that YouTube changed how they organize videos, so we made adjustments to make it easier to find AOA Live Streams again. 

Did You Catch the Three-Part Seminar Series? 

AOA regularly holds seminars in San Diego. In December, Eviction Attorney Franco Simon finished up a three-part series. In case you missed it, we recorded the last video and posted it in the member portal and on the AOAUSA YouTube Channel under “San Diego”. 

How to Build Wealth in a Recession

In January, Terry Moore, investment real estate broker, held a seminar at the Scottish  Rite Center of San Diego. Our goal is for AOA members to be the most successful rental property owners in the state. We hope that you are able to invest time into your professional development through the seminars and live streams that we offer. 

New “Resource Guide” Below the Table of Contents

You may have noticed the new “Resource Guide” on the Table of Contents page of the AOA Magazine. Please use it as a reference for both in-person and online seminars. It also includes a directory of resources that are in the magazine. Please keep in mind that all of the online and in-person seminar information can also be found online at under the “Seminars” tab. 

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New Search Engine for AOA Contractors and Vendors

The AOA Contractors and Vendors page search engine was completely rebuilt. Now it will display the list according to proximity to you, so you won’t have to choose an area before you search. It has the feel of a modern search engine, so we hope that it helps you find our contractors and vendors more easily. 

Changes to Tenant Screening

As you know, only AOA provides two eviction reports. We call it the DoubleWhammy because we use two entirely different companies in it per report. AOA replaced one of these eviction reports with one we found to be more comprehensive. We test different products to make sure that we are giving AOA members the very best. We believe that this new change makes the AOA DoubleWhammy Eviction Report the very best eviction report in the business.

New Criminal Report

With a desire to bring you the most comprehensive and accurate criminal reports in the history of the world, we tried a new product from the company that had been providing our instant criminal reports. It was a bold, innovative step, but it just didn’t work out the way we wanted it to for multiple reasons. By January, we ended up providing premium single-county criminal reports along with the instant criminal reports whenever there was a hit, just to ensure that you would receive the information that you needed.

Since it didn’t meet expectations the way we had hoped, we took massive action and immediately found another supplier for criminal reports. By the time you receive this magazine, we will have finished switching to a tried and tested instant criminal report that doesn’t require running a premium single county report. Our goal is for AOA members to be the most successful group of rental property owners in the state, and we believe that AOA Tenant Screening is a contributing factor to the success of our members.

Best regards,

Jeff Faller, President

Apartment Owners Association of California