This article was posted on Wednesday, Jun 01, 2016

Hello Mayor Garcetti:

My name is Robin and I own a RENT CONTROL apartment building in Los Angeles.

I am beyond upset regarding this Retrofit Ordinance. I did attend the L.A. Seismic Retrofit Resource Fair at the L.A. Convention Center April 7th and I heard you speak – a waste of my time and $15.00 in parking fees.

  • Where are the INTEREST FREE LOANS for RENT CONTROL apartment building owners to be able to afford this retrofit. Why haven’t plan fees, inspection fees and permit fees been lowered or eliminated?
  • Why haven’t RENT CONTROLLED apartment buildings been taken out of rent control so owners can afford to do maintenance on their buildings and be able to afford this retrofit?
  • A temporary monthly increase of $36.00 or $38.00 to my rent control tenants to help pay for the retrofit is NOTHING to me when tenants I have are paying monthly rents of $701.51 and $787.81 for one bedroom apartments that I SHOULD BE renting  for $1350.00 to $1400.00.
  • Where are the HONEST Engineers and the HONEST companies that say they do everything regarding retrofit giving LOWER BIDS instead of these OUTRAGEOUS bids I am receiving for plans and construction?
  • Why are you NOT concerned that this Retrofit Ordinance is hurting RENT CONTROL apartment building owners? Where is your concern???

Everyone has their hands and pockets open ready to receive money to do these Retrofits. Where is the concern for the RENT CONTROL apartment building owner? Who decided that RENT CONTROL apartment building owners have thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars to pay for this Retrofit?

I cannot eat and I cannot sleep since this Retrofit Ordinance was passed. I am just a little mom and pop RENT CONTROL apartment building owner trying to pay my bills. Will you be paying my hospital bill when I finally have an emotional breakdown over this RETROFIT ordinance and RENT CONTROL ordinance?

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  • What are you doing to FINANCIALLY HELP the RENT CONTROL APARTMENT building owner?
  • Why hasn’t the yearly RENT CONTROL monthly rent increased to 5 percent or to 8 percent to HELP RENT CONTROL apartment building owners? It’s been 3 percent for years and years and years. Mayor and City Council it is BEYOND time for a major percentage increase on monthly rent for RENT CONTROL apartment buildings.
  • Where is the HELP from the city to HELP RENT CONTROL apartment building owners with this Retrofit!!!! PLEASE RESPOND, because I KNOW I am not the only RENT CONTROL apartment building owner that is beyond upset at this RETROFIT!!!!!

And Mayor Garcetti, I called your office, (213)978-0600, on March 11, 2016 and I left a message. There was a recording that said my call would be returned within two days. I’m still waiting for a call from you. And the message I left was my concern regarding the Retrofit ordinance. Where is your concern for me as a RENT CONTROL apartment building owner??? I’m waiting for your call.

Regards,   Robin