This article was posted on Wednesday, Apr 01, 2020


To those of you who pray, we hereby ask you to pray to God for wisdom and understanding; for help in reacting and asking others to react properly to the coronavirus and the housing crisis; for a good and accurate understanding of the needs of those who consume housing and those who provide housing, as well as those who provide services through their small businesses.  As our President has requested, pray, pray and pray!


As a result and only because of recent laws and orders that have been put into effect, the undersigned do hereby petition you to do all you can to immediately support a twelve-month mortgage, utilities and tax moratorium. We urgently implore you to pay the rent for all tenants that the government classifies being eligible to stay and not pay!

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Wrong Solutions

Please consider that the government’s current solutions (laws and orders) to this virus may be worse than the problem.  Have we transformed a virus crisis into a social and economic crisis, with consequences more severe than the virus itself?  Could our reaction to this virus cause a severe recession or even a depression? We do know that suspending evictions will create a more severe housing crisis. When people lose their income from their business and/or their job, they can, and many will, also lose their homes, cars, marriages, and their health.  They not only cannot pay the rent, they can’t put food on the table for their kids. Neither can housing be provided for very long without rental income. “Society and friends” will not take care of them or us – i.e. witness the homeless.

Think About This  

Would you pass a new law that would allow our needy citizens to go into a grocery store, fill up their carts, check out, and then walk out without paying?  Oh, don’t forget they will be required to pay the full amount for that grocery bill when they go back to work.  A six-month repayment plan will be worked out. Sure!

Let’s Not Be Gullible

Anyone who thinks these currently needy citizens will pay for those groceries or past due rent at a later date was born yesterday.  They will now just move on and buy their food from a different grocery store!  You can just hear them saying, “That food was free.  I had no savings or extra money then and I do not have it now. How do they expect me to pay for that free food and rent either now OR later?”

Why Have You Done This to Us?

This is exactly what you have allowed to happen to the rental housing industry that was already in a “crisis”.  Laws have been passed that allow renters to walk into a privately-owned building, live in and enjoy the apartment, and ring up a huge bill for back rent that they will never be able to pay.  Even if they were allowed to spread out the payments over a ten-year period, our experience has proven that they will just choose not to pay the housing provider.  That is a proven fact!  Experienced housing providers know this to be true.  It seems that inexperienced politicians do not have this knowledge or do not care.  We ask you to care.  Let government pay their rent.  Better yet, allow us to take care of our renters without your interference in our business.  We have done a pretty good job in the past without your laws that continue to drive up the cost of housing!

We do thank you for exempting property management from the stay-at-home rules and recognizing housing providers as essential.  This will help solve the housing crisis.

Change the Eviction Laws?

The eviction laws were already badly flawed and have now been changed to give an excuse to even rich tenants not to pay their legally due rent.  Many renters have money in the bank or can borrow from family or friends.  Housing providers are not in the lending business! The government should loan the rent money to tenants, not the housing providers who are already doing their part. All taxpayers normally pay for this type of welfare.

Individual Financial Burden

Please consider that this financial burden should not be passed on to only individual housing providers who, for many years, have already solved a large portion of the housing crisis.  Many housing providers also live from paycheck to paycheck, or from monthly rental income.  How about a moratorium on our property taxes?  Bills have to paid; like the mortgage, utilities, insurance, maintenance, manager, gardener, trash, painter, plumber, electrician, and on and on.  Who do you think will pay these people when the rent is not paid?  In addition, many owners are still paying for the soft story earthquake retrofits. This can amount from $50,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars that are now being paid (in addition to all the other bills!) Have mercy!  Consider a twelve-month delay in requiring this work to be completed.

Please Take Immediate Action

We are in the business of providing housing and keeping our renters happy.  We know we have to share the burden of this virus.  Help us out!  Pass a moratorium so that we can defer our mortgage payments, property taxes and utility bills and then we can defer the rent for the renters who need our help.  We’re asking that Government share the burden and allow housing providers to also defer our expenses.

Please Consider: Reinstituting laws that require rental payments to be paid when owed to any individual housing provider.  Have the government loan housing consumers the money or pay their rent for them instead of putting the whole burden on individual housing providers.  OR, pass a moratorium on expenses that owners are required to pay so we can pass on the benefits to our housing consumers. Better yet, allow our old American Economic System of Free Enterprise to work and together we can solve this problem, along with getting rid of all the panic and fear that the news media has generated.

Prayer Pledge

Those of us who pray hereby pledge to you to pray for our tenants, political leaders, those affected by the virus, and other disease(s) that are taking even more lives, healthcare workers and the homeless.

With your leadership, commitment to the housing industry and immediate actions of fairness, we look forward to serving our customers and being a huge part of the solution for our housing crisis.

Thank you for your consideration.

Million Dollar Trade Show Cancelled

Because of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the April 29th Long Beach Trade Show has been cancelled.  This is the first time in 38 years that an AOA event has been cancelled and we are very disappointed.

The current plan is to have the drawing for the new Tesla Model 3 to carry over to our next trade show.  We hope to see you there

Dan’s Note:  Please visit to sign the petition, have your friends sign it, and send it to the Mayor of your city.  We need to collect thousands of signatures and then AOA will forward it to our political elite to help them to also consider the needs of housing providers.