This article was posted on Saturday, Jul 01, 2023


At this Burbank City Council meeting YOU can:

1. Show support for rental property owners in Burbank 

2. Join a study session that will cover the California Tenant Protection Act (AB 1482)

3. Meet other rental property owners in Burbank

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Join us at the Burbank City Council Meeting for an AB 1482 study session. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the California “Tenant Protections” Act (AB 1482). The purpose of the session is to educate the city council members and the community about the tenant protection and rent control laws that are already in place in California. 

Between now and August 8th, we encourage you to attend Burbank City Council meetings and write letters to express your opposition to rent control and the additional tenant protections that the city council is considering. Your input is valuable, and expressing your concerns in person or over the phone can have a significant impact on the decision-making process.

Meeting Details (subject to change):

Time: August 8th at 6:00 pm
Place: Burbank City Hall at 275 E. Olive Ave
Phone-in for public comment (may not be available for this meeting): (818) 238-3335
Email: Council Members: [email protected]; City Manager: [email protected]; City Attorney: [email protected]

Compelling Reasons to Oppose Rent Control:

  1. Rent control decreases the number of rental units. Evidence shows that jurisdictions implementing rent control often experience a significant decrease in housing development. Additionally, studies have indicated that landlords in rent-controlled jurisdictions are more inclined to neglect their properties due to financial constraints. This neglect can lead to subpar living conditions for tenants. Additionally, landlords may be motivated to evict tenants in order to convert their properties into condominiums, with approximately a 10% higher likelihood of such evictions occurring. This shortage of housing supply ultimately exacerbates the issue of homelessness, as fewer available units make it harder for individuals to secure affordable housing.
  2. Rent control increases expenses, which ultimately leads to rent hikes.  Tenants paying market rate rent must supplement tenants with below market rent. Excessive paperwork, rise in lawsuits, and unnecessary bureaucratic processes also contribute to higher rental rates.
  3. Rent control will contribute to a higher crime rate in Burbank, as it creates an environment that is less conducive to maintaining a safe community. MIT studies have drawn a connection between rent control and Crime. After abolishing rent control in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the crime rate dropped 16% (Palmer, 1).
  4. Rent control policies have the potential to negatively impact home values. When properties are subject to rent control, it creates significant negative externalities that can lower the overall desirability and amenity value of neighborhoods in close proximity. This can diminish the appeal of these areas as desirable places to live. It is crucial for lawmakers to carefully consider the consequences of rent control on our local housing market and the broader community before implementing policies that have repeatedly failed throughout the United States and the world.