This article was posted on Saturday, Jun 01, 2019

My readership has long been dominated by free-market conservatives who believe in lower taxes, less regulation and smaller government. Yet I have always had a smaller contingent of readers who are big government liberals, but they like reading me to help them understand how conservatives think. I appreciate everyone who reads my work.

Regardless of which political side you’re on, I think we all realize that the Democratic Party is undergoing a significant transition unlike any we have seen in our adult lifetimes. The Democratic Party is being overtaken by a rising wing of members who are embracing socialism. That includes old guys like Bernie Sanders and dozens of young recently-elected newcomers, some of whom are getting a lot of media attention.

The question of the day is whether the Dems’ growing embrace of socialism will lead to big victories in 2020, or the demise of the modern-day Democratic Party next year. No one knows for sure, of course, but I will offer some thoughts today. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, my thoughts may be of interest to you.

As regular readers know, I read a tremendous amount of information every week on a variety of topics, including a heavy dose of politics (to which I am admittedly addicted). While we are subjected daily to media attention focused on the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other ultra-liberal new politicians who argue for “democratic socialism,” most of the political commentators I read are very worried about the Dem’s latest veer to the far left.

The question is, are Americans at large are prepared to embrace socialism? I think the answer is NO. We do know that large numbers of young Americans (nearly half of Millennials, according to Gallup) are inclined to embrace socialism. Maybe that shouldn’t be surprising since we have allowed liberal educators to indoctrinate them for the last 30 years or longer.

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Yet while many Millennials and other young Americans appear all too willing to embrace socialism, it remains to be seen if the majority of Americans are ready to make the leap. Most polls suggest they are NOT, but the margins are steadily getting narrower. This worries me!

We are seeing an increasing number of polls on topics like socialism, the “Green New Deal” and other liberal causes. Most of these polls target Americans at large, while others target young people only. What I would very much like to see is polls that target “Likely Voters.” That’s because it will be the people who vote who will determine whether or not the nation embraces socialism, not the nearly 50% of Millennials who say they would rather have socialism.

Both Gallup and Rasmussen (and presumably others) conduct polls that are targeted at Likely Voters. I would expect that both those pollsters will survey Likely Voters on the question of capitalism versus socialism in the near future. Those polls will tell us a lot.

HR1: “For the People Act of 2019” is a Huge Power Grab

In its first major piece of legislation, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives passed HR1: For the People Act of 2019 on a unanimous Democratic vote (no Republicans voted for it) in February. HR1 seeks to usurp the authority of the states to regulate the voter registration process and loosens restrictions on voting by illegal aliens.

It goes without saying that HR1 is a classic Democrat power grab that would automatically register anyone who acquires a driver’s license to vote, prevent election officials from verifying voter eligibility and render state voter-ID laws null and void. HR1 also takes the power to draw congressional districts away from the states, and requires inclusion of illegal aliens in all redistricting plans. Read this paragraph again and let it sink in.

Moreover, it violates the 1st Amendment so brazenly that even the ultra-liberal American Civil Liberties Union strongly objected to it as written. Now that’s saying something!

Had the Dems been successful in using HR1 to unconstitutionally seize control over our elections, and presumably using that power to create a permanent Democratic majority in Congress, as well as a series of compliant presidents, then the Democrats could get down to implementing their socialist agenda in earnest.

While this giant power grab should be offensive to voters of all stripes, it boasts 100 Democrat co-sponsors in the House, and a number of Democratic presidential candidates have embraced the plan, including Senators Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren. I think it could be political suicide if enough Americans get wind of it.

The good news is, most Americans will not likely get wind of it because the HR1 equivalent in the Senate will be DEAD ON ARRIVAL. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he will not allow it to be brought to a vote, and President Trump has promised to veto it should it somehow pass Congress.

So while HR1, which would seize control over our elections, is not likely to see the light of day. These people are dead serious!  Feel free to share this widely.

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