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Move In/Move Out Inspection Checklist

Lease Addendum: document the rental unit’s condition at move-in to avoid disputes of conditions upon move-out. Columns also include pre-inspection prior to move-out, and move-out inspection, to easily compare condition side-by-side. Sold in pads of 50 or increments of 10 sheets.

Move-in Package

File folder consisting of the all the AOA application forms, and current AOA move in forms; including a California rental agreement and all the available AOA lease addenda to complement the rental agreement.

Move-out Package

Packet of forms that includes all of the AOA forms regarding everything to-do with the before and after of a move-out process.

Pet Agreement

Lease Addendum: companion to the rental agreement for tenants who have pets to clearly stipulate rules and policies with having a pet in the rental unit. Sold in pads of 50.

Pool Rules

Lease Addendum: companion ot the rental agreement that stipulates the pool hours and rules. Sold in pads of 50.

Receipt of Application Screening Fee

Landlords are required to provide their applicants with an itemized receipt breaking down the reasonable cost for out-of-poket costs to obtain tenant screenning reports, as well as administrative time spent doing background checks. The maximum allowable amount in 2017 is $47.72. Sold in pads of 50.

Tenant Rejection Notice

Letter landlords are required to give to an applicant if their application results in adverse actions due to negative information from reports retrieved from a third party company. Sold in batch of 50 or increments of 10 sheets.