This article was posted on Monday, May 01, 2023

Prices and install availability for a new roof are not fixed 365 days a year. A few months, or even weeks, can cost you – or save you – thousands of dollars on your next roof repair, replacement, or restoration coating. Timing is everything. 

Countless factors impact the roofing industry and many of them change daily, like with oil prices impacting the cost of asphalt roofing materials. While each roofing contractor is unique, broad factors like weather, the supply chain and even holidays can affect all roofers in a given region at the same time.

When is the best time for roof work in Southern California? The 2nd quarter of the year – April, May, and June – are usually the best months if you want to save money and complete your job the fastest. The summer months in July, August, and September are second best, but other than for unique cases, you should not wait until the rainy season to roof. 

Kicking the can down the road and waiting to make a decision can be a costly mistake. Four of the biggest reasons why spring is so optimal are: 1) off season availability, 2) logistics, 3) price, and 4) damage prevention. 

Off Season Availability

The roofing industry is impacted by “supply and demand” just like every other business. During the rainy season through fall and winter, both supply AND demand are working against you.

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Rain causes a massive influx of needy property owners that are desperate to have their leaks repaired to stop interior damage. Since major roof work cannot be started immediately before, during, or after rain, the number of available days during the rainy season is drastically reduced.

As a consequence, prices are often 20-50% higher during this time. Compare that to the spring when frequent rain stops and most property owners are focused on paying their property taxes, which postpones roofing jobs until rents build up their reserves. In fall months, even if you’re ready to pay up for a new roof, you may be told “We can’t start your job for two to three months due to our backlog.”


If there’s rain in the middle of a 7-day weather forecast, roofers can’t tear open a large roof and keep it watertight. If you decide to re-roof during the rainy season, you and your contractor may be stuck feeling hopeless while waiting for a window of sunshine that’s long enough to get your job safely done. This can be stressful, especially if tenants are complaining about damage and mold, while threatening to go to a hotel. 

Additionally, the holiday season impacts companies and staffing. With employees taking vacations and some businesses closing early for holiday weekends, scheduling conflicts are far more common during the rainy season compared to the spring and summer.


Supply and demand not only affect availability, they also impact prices. When it is raining, demand is at its peak, and supply is at its lowest point. How can you expect to get a “deal” during these conditions? That’s like calling an HVAC contractor during a heatwave and asking for a discount. 

While the rainy season is the most expensive time to re-roof, prices late in the summer can be expensive too. Labor becomes constrained during the hottest months in the year, which slows down productivity, which causes labor costs to rise as much as 20-30%. This directly increases the cost of your roof. 

On a 95 degree sunny day, rooftop temperatures can exceed 150 degrees. Combined with tough manual labor, 500 degree hot tar, and long-sleeve protective clothing, summer heat slows down how quickly your roofing professionals can safely work. Spring is the perfect time to roof because of the perfect balance between minimal rain and optimal roofing conditions. 

Damage Prevention

It is easy to get caught up in trying to perfectly time your next roof job; HOWEVER, if your roof is damaged or already leaking, you cannot afford to wait. Preventing damage proactively can create huge savings in the long run.

Trying to wait out one more rainy season can cost you tens of thousands of dollars and damage to your roof, building, and/or a tenant’s property. This could be in the form of new rotting wood, interior damage, or needing to re-roof when you could have just done repairs had you acted sooner.

Deciding how to protect your roof and property is challenging. Having an experienced and professional roofing contractor to advise you along the way empowers you to make the right, most cost effective decisions. Reach out to Royal Roofing Company for a free consultation, regardless of if you’re just getting started or already have other bids in hand.   

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