This article was posted on Monday, Nov 16, 2020


By GSI Insurance


 “The goal was to create a Workers’ Compensation program that delivers the most competitive rates while upholding the best safety, loss control and claims handling practices the industry has to offer.  We believe we have achieved just that,” said Anthony Miller, CEO of GS Insurance Solutions, the exclusive agency for AOA.

Rates have been at least 12% lower on 90% of all apartment owners who have received quotes with this program to date. These happy AOA members are now savings thousands of dollars and you can too! Here are just a few of the approximate savings they have experienced with our new Workers’ Comp program:

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Apartment Owners Previously Paying Now Paying       Savings
Santa Barbara – 312 Unit Owner $22,500 $18,000 $4,500
Pasadena – 52 Unit Owner $4,500 $2,900 $1,600
Merced – 89 Unit Owner $8,900 $7,100 $1,800
Los Angeles – 189 Unit Owner $14,200 $11,800 $2,400
San Francisco Bay Area – 1,200 Unit Owner $250,000 $112,000 $138,000
San Diego – 12 Unit Owner $1,900 $1,400 $500
San Diego – 1,100+ Unit Owner $410,000 $250,500 $159,500



Here’s what others are saying:


  • “This program has THE most competitive Workers’ Compensation rates in California for Apartment Owners!” Roy, Property Manager


  • “I just saved $1,800 on my Workers’ Compensation policy through the AOA Insurance Program.”

Summer, Apartment Owner


  • “I’m ecstatic to start saving my clients thousands of dollars in insurance premiums through our new program,” says Brett Davis, Account Executive with the AOA Insurance Program.



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