This article was posted on Monday, Mar 01, 2021

SB 91 was signed by Gov. Newsom, officially extending the eviction moratorium to June 30, 2021 with future extensions possible. Here is what you need to know and the new forms that you will need to serve.   (This notice was sent out to the AOA email list in January. Go to on the bottom of the home page to join this email list in order to receive timely future notices.)

  • Housing providers must serve a One-Time “Notice from the State of California” to all tenants who have missed one or more rental payments since 9/1/2020. This form must have been served by February 28, 2021. 
  • Housing providers should serve the NEW 15-Day Notice for unpaid rent, along with a new, informational “Notice from the State of California” each and every month. The updated 15-Day form, (Revised 1/29/2021), including this notice, is available at 
  • Tenants need to continue paying a minimum of 25% of their rent, but the deadline for that payment is June 30, 2021. Therefore, a tenant does not have to pay ANY rent until June 30th as long as they sign and return the NEW Declaration of Financial Distress form each and every month. 

(The three new forms mentioned above may be found on listed in FREE FORMS FOR COVID-19 RELATED ISSUES – under SB 91.)

  • Housing providers are not allowed to deny applicants whom they SUSPECT have unpaid rent during the Pandemic. For future applicants, please use the newest AOA Application to Rent – dated 1/2021.
  • Housing providers are not allowed to use security deposits or any rent payments to cover past due rent without written permission from the tenant.
  • For rent due from March 1, 2020 to August 31, 2020 (the protected period) that was converted from past due rent to debt – the date that housing providers may begin the Small Claims court process has been pushed from March 1, 2021 to August 2, 2021. Also, late fees cannot be added. 
  • One bit of good news is the creation of the California Rental Assistance Fund which will provide assistance to housing providers and “lower-income” tenants. The application process will open up in March, so we will provide more on this as the details are firmed up. 


We will continue to monitor developments and will let you know of any further changes.  

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Below is a letter we received from one of our members:

“Is Governor Newsom Kidding Apartment Building Owners with SB91!!
Why are we just listening to all this and not doing something about it? Respectfully to you, Dan, apartment building owners do not need you to “monitor developments” regarding this ridiculous extension of financially raping apartment owners – We need 100 percent of our monthly rental income. Not 25 percent and not 80 percent and forgiving 20 percent. Apartment owners need 100 percent of their monthly rents every month!!!!!
We need to be screaming out loud protesting or rioting if that is what it takes for us to get noticed that we are angry. We are the only industry being denied our contractual legal income for providing a service.  If the government doesn’t want the tenants to pay their rent then the government needs to 100 percent cover it and NOT one penny less.
I’m a God-loving Christian but enough is enough, excuse my language but apartment owners and ALL the Apartment Associations are acting like a bunch of (  #*@!  ) by not demanding every RENTAL INCOME CENT!!!!
The government, with all their rules and regulations throughout the decades, have had apartment owners jumping through hoops to keep their buildings in business. Now is the time for the government to cover 100 percent of our unpaid rental income and NO LESS!!!!!
Recallgavin2020.Com – Every apartment owner and their family and friends that live in California and are registered voters need to sign the recall petition before March 10, 2021 to recall Governor Gavin Newsom!!!! He had his chance to do better for apartment owners and he has FAILED!!”     Sincerely, Robin F.

Robin, Where Have You Been?  

We need another 20,000 AOA members to write a letter like yours and/or send a copy of this article with your letter to the Governor!!  You and our 20,000 plus members are the “Association”!  We have already requested the “Association” to write, as you suggest, and demand our rightful income from our properties. As you suggested, that’s our income, that’s our property, that’s our retirement fund that they so freely now take from us, the rightful owners, and give away to others.  I’ll assume that you have sent your letter and we now hope the rest of the “Association” will do their part!

What Should You Demand?
Please go to AOAUSA. com and listen to Mike Brennan’s talk on the new law that extends and provides for the continued theft of our properties.  On the recording of that seminar, you are asked to write the Governor!  Have you taken the time to fulfill your obligation?  Below are a few of suggestions for our letters:  

  • Demand that the Governor and all elected officials take a 20% cut in pay and stop all payroll payments until all housing providers have received the rental income that our elected officials have so graciously transferred to those who did not earn one lousy cent of what they owe for the services that they have consumed. 
  • Demand that all elected officials receiving a retirement income from the State immediately be cut off as has been done to housing providers. What’s more valuable, the services that our elected officials provide or the housing that we provide?  Not even close – so, who should be paid first?
  • Elected officials say that we are all in this together – well, then join us and YOU go without being paid or being forced to forfeit YOUR retirement during this virus crisis.  Sure … we’re all in this together.


Please send your letters (through the U.S. mail as they most likely will not open an email) and a copy of this article to both addresses below:


Governor Gavin Newsom

303 10th St #1173

Sacramento, CA  95814  


Assemblyman David Chiu

455 Golden Gate Ave #14300

San Francisco, CA  94102