This article was posted on Sunday, Jan 29, 2012

Thank You Noni!
After four challenging years of dedicated service, our President, Noni Richen, is stepping down.  On behalf of SPOSFI and all San Francisco small property owners, our heartfelt thanks to Noni for service well beyond the call of duty (a president’s typical tenure is one to two years).
While Noni is stepping down from the presidency, we are very pleased that she will remain on the Board.
[AOA would also like to extend our thanks and appreciation to Noni for her dedication and service to our industry.  Many blessings and good wishes your way always!]

Henry Karnilowicz
We are delighted to introduce Board member Henry Karnilowicz as the new President of SPOFSI.  Henry was born in 1945 in a displacement camp in Germany of Polish parents.  In 1950, his family emigrated to Australia where he attended school and completed an apprenticeship as an electrician.  He arrived in San Francisco in 1972 where he earned a general, electrical and plumbing contractor’s license and later a degree in building inspection.  Over the years, he has bought, remodeled and sold residential properties and currently owns a two-unit building in the city.
Henry frequently works with owners of residential units, covering permitting, renovation, maintenance and code violation abatement.  He performs pre-inspections and then inspections with the city inspectors and represents clients at hearing for variances, conditional use permits and appeals, etc.  He has also been on the Code Advisory Committee of the S.F. Department of Building Inspection.
As SPOSFI President, Henry cites among his goals accomplishing an increase in membership and attendance at meetings.  With his depth of experience with Building, Planning and other city departments, he also hopes to be instrumental in educating small property owners on their rights and responsibilities and how to avoid potentially costly mistakes before they happen.
Please join the Board of Directors in welcoming Henry as the new President of SPOSFI by wishing him much success in his new role and offering our enthusiastic support.

Reprinted with permission of the Small Property Owners of San Francisco Institute (SPOSFI) News.  For more information on becoming a member of SPOSFI or to send a tax-deductible donation, please visit their website at or call (415) 647-2419.

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