This article was posted on Saturday, Aug 01, 2015

The Issue:

The Los Angeles City Council and Mayor have passed Ordinance number 182986 titled Citywide Exclusive Franchise System for the Municipal Solid Waste Collection and Handling Program. The Ordinance became effective on May 28, 2014.

The ordinance creates eleven exclusive trash franchise zones. The trash hauler who receives the exclusive franchise will be the only company who will be authorized to collect the trash from commercial and multifamily apartments of four units or more. 

Apartment owners, commercial clients, non-profits, churches, etc. will not be allowed to use any other hauler to remove their trash except the one who has the franchise and they are not allowed to remove the trash on their own. Those within the franchise zone must pay the hauler the fee charged by the franchise owner. In other cities, the fees have doubled or tripled. 

What Will Be Done?

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Five community leaders have come together to qualify a ballot initiative to Repeal and Replace the Exclusive Ordinance with a Non-Exclusive Franchise Ordinance. This will protect you the consumer, business owner and all apartment owners. You will choose who you will do business with and you will not be penalized for not participating.

“An ordinance amending Chapter VI, Article 6 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code relating to the collection of solid waste from commercial establishments and multifamily dwellings: amending Sections 66.01, 66.03, 66.33, 66.33.1, 66.33.2, 66.33.4, 66.33.6 and the repeal of Sections: 66.08.1, 66.08.3, 66.17.1, 66.27, and 66.33.3.”

We must collect 80,000 signatures from voters in Los Angeles to get on the ballot.

This must be completed within a four month period and will require paid signature gathers. 

How Can You Help?            

Join us and other individuals, organizations and community groups and support the Ballot Initiative to Repeal and Replace the Exclusive Trash Ordinance.

We cannot accomplish this project without your help. That means we are in need of money to cover the costs from legal, printing, marketing and signature collecting.

Please send your non tax deductible contribution to: 

Committee for Accountability and Good Government in Los Angeles

PO Box 9694

North Hollywood, CA 91609  

Or you can make a contribution on line at our web site at 

Thank you,

David Hernandez, Lead Proponent

Proponents: Chuck Betz, Augusto Bisani, Villegas Daniel Holguin and Daniel Faller. 

By the Committee for Accountability and Good Government in Los Angeles,

California ID #1334520.