New Prohibited Discrimination: Hairstyle!! By Dale Alberstone

Hello everybody.  Here’s a quick question:  Is an apartment building a business establishment?   Here’s the quick answer:  Yes! In 1959, California enacted the Unruh Civil Rights Act and named it after its author, Jesse Unruh.  The Act’s principal objective was (and still is) to prevent many types of unreasonable discrimination by business establishments.  Business establishments…

Discrimination Costs Landlords Thousands! Assistance Animals, Criminal Records and Sexual Harassment From the Editors at Rental Housing Journal

California Landlords Settle Over ‘No Criminal Record’ and Discrimination California landlords have reached a settlement and agreed to pay $8,000 after a complaint alleging they used a policy of “no criminal or police record of any kind,” and in addition discriminated on the basis of race and national origin.