How to Handle Suspicious Documentation for Assistance Animals By – Ellen Clark

If you suspect that documentation for assistance animals is suspicious, you may ask for more information. Recently, you may have noticed documentation coming from websites that offer assistance animal “certifications” for a fee, but they appear to provide this documentation without firsthand knowledge of a person’s disability or what assistance or support the animal provides.

How to Avoid Applicant Screening Pitfalls By – Ellen Clark

Avoid discrimination within the screening process by carefully considering how you approach your application process. Claims of discrimination often arise in relation to the applicant screening process. This can be a tricky area to navigate, and one where even well-intentioned people can find themselves on the wrong end of a discrimination claim.

Is Marijuana a Reasonable Accomodation? by – Ellen Clark

Marijuana and the Fair Housing Act are questions that often come up these days amid changing laws so this week the Grace Hill training tip takes a look at the issue. Marijuana use is on the rise across the United States. Thirty states and theDistrict of Columbia have legalized marijuana use for medicinal or recreational purposes.