What You Don’t Know About Tenant Satisfaction May Be Costing You | Grace Hill

The impact COVID-19 has had on commercial real estate is significant. However, not all shifts have been negative. According to Forbes, the pandemic has generated some innovative possibilities for the CRE market in 2021, including more affordable rental prices, smart building tech, and software specifically geared toward enhancing the tenant experience. But do technology and…

Pandemic Property Rights Pandemonium Written by: One of Many Thousands of Frustrated, But Proud, Anonymous L.A. Housing Providers

The Judicial Council’s delay until 90-days after the COVID emergency is lifted to open the courts to hear eviction cases will devastate landlords, tenants and their families, the wellbeing of innocent tax-paying, by-standing citizens, plus people’s, the City’s and the State’s economies and, ultimately, the cause of justice.