Whoever thought that housing providers would be forced by law to rent their property to housing consumers for free?  You can hear owners saying “that will never happen with my apartment building, it would be against the U.S. Constitution!”

Well, folks, it has happened and, in addition, we could now be facing the loss of vacancy decontrol with Prop. 21.  We must defeat this ugly piece of legislation that also includes many single-family homes.

Prop. 21 Yard Signs!

One way you could help is to display a “No on Prop. 21” yard sign.  Please ask for one to be mailed to you when you make a donation to the Political Action Committee.  We’ll be sending them out for as long as they last.

A New Form of Slavery?

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They called it slavery years ago and this new form of slavery is sadly being approved again today by our elected officials.  The basic principle is the same, it was wrong then and it’s wrong today.  The power-hungry politicians want to be our masters with housing providers being forced to provide their time, money and property to housing consumers for free.  You would think that only in communist and/or socialist countries would that even be considered.  Our politicians and protesters have gone crazy.  They do not realize the value of the U.S. Constitution!

The consumers want to consume for free and the politicians want to buy their vote with your labor, money and property.  What a bunch of crooks!

Free Groceries?

Wouldn’t it be nice to fill up your cart at the grocery store with $100 worth of groceries, pay $25 and say to the checkout clerk, “See ya later, sucker”?  That’s exactly what housing consumers (tenants) are doing to housing providers today.  And, NO, it would not be nice because in one day there would be no groceries to purchase.  Just like there is currently a scarcity of housing as a result of all the anti-landlord laws that have been passed!  And be assured, Prop. 21 is about as anti-landlord as it gets.

Lost Morality

It’s a sad day when our politicians and many voters have lost their moral compass.  They do not know the difference between right and wrong.  They call what’s wrong right – like rent control and free rent – and what’s right they declare wrong and not good for society – like property rights and our American economic system of free enterprise.  Please, do not vote for any politician who favors any form of free rent or rent control.

The “Progressive” Socialists Want Your Property

If we sit and do nothing, this immoral way of thinking will become a permanent part of our lives, our industry and our country.  Many owners will lose a major part of their life savings, and some will even lose their buildings.  In fact, the president of one major tenant organization stated to me years ago that “some day you will beg us to take your property”.  Let’s wake up – that’s their goal!


Yes, that’s what Prop. 21 is all about.  It’s just one of many steps in confiscating rental property, including many single-family homes, and giving it to housing consumers who really believe they are “entitled” to free housing.

Beware of another “step” they are planning, and that is Prop. 15.  Their next step will be to increase taxes on apartments.  We must stop them before they get to housing providers.  Vote No on Prop. 15.

Join the Fight of Your Life and Take Action NOW!

Please join others in this “fight of your life” by doing your share of the work that is necessary to protect your rental property income and your property rights. Please immediately take these five steps:

  1. Vote “NO” on Prop. 21 and Prop. 15;
  2. Use the “No on Prop. 21” bumper sticker (call in for your free bumper sticker for as long as they last);
  3. Put a “No on Prop. 21” yard sign in a place for your neighbors and others to see; (call in for your free yard sign for as long as they last);
  4. Go to AOAUSA.com/petition and sign it.  Send a copy to Governor Newsom and your Mayor.  
  5. Don’t forget to donate at least $1,000 to help with this and future battles.  How about $100 for every unit you own and/or manage?

Take action now and save our properties AND our property rights.

This is WAR.  Enlist today.  We MUST win this one!