Disputes between landlords and tenants happen often, so it’s always important to be prepared in any situation. It’ll be the tenant’s words against the landlord’s, creating a difficult situation to navigate. A body worn camera records video and audio in a first person perspective. This will accurately capture the wearer’s experience, all the while being convenient and hands-free. Nowadays, body worn cameras have become increasingly used by the police when conducting any activity in the field to record interactions with the public.

Body cams help create accountability and transparency that creates a sense of trust. It’s best to have corroborative evidence of what really happened in any incident. 

Following COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

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With these unsettling times due to COVID-19, many landlords have been handling maintenance issues along with keeping up with new safety guidelines. Safety needs to be upheld on both ends, with maintenance staff keeping their distance and wearing masks. Unfortunately, some tenants may not hold the same regard. Tenants can refuse to keep up with the safety guidelines so maintenance staff could work properly. If tenants fail to keep up with safety warnings, the staff’s safety should take priority requiring them to leave. In this case, make sure to keep all documentation; fitting the maintenance staff with body cams can become pertinent in these cases, showcasing reasons why your staff was not able to perform and complete their duties. The communication between all parties involved is extremely critical if the tenant blames the landlords for failure to fix any maintenance issues. Due to these unprecedented times, issues between landlords and tenants continue evolving; the best solution is to always keep some sort of recording documentation to keep all parties accountable. 


Landlord vs. Tenant

Landlord Fergus Wilson suggested that most landlords should wear a body camera. In one incident, one of his tenants stated that Wilson would pay to have the apartment outfitted with all new carpets. Unfortunately, this was not the case at all. With a body worn camera, there would be no case, especially in most face to face interactions. To avoid any disputes in the future, wear a body camera in any interaction with tenants. Upon entering any property state that you have a body camera and that you will begin recording. You can state something like, “I have a body camera with me and I will now be switching it on to record; is this alright?” This allows the other person to know that everything will be recorded from that point on. Having a body camera can steer the situation, knowing that both parties are being recorded to keep accountability in check.


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