This article was posted on Monday, Oct 01, 2018

Below is AOA’s response to a recent FaceBook Post: “Too bad AOA isn’t actually contributing financially to any of our legislative fights ever!!! I would love to see that they did.”

  YOU are the Association, and we encourage you and all of our members to get involved!

  1.  Thanks to our members’ donations, AOA was able to file a lawsuit to stop the trash companies’ rip-off of owners.
  2.  The most important issue today is preserving Costa-Hawkins by working to defeat Prop 10!!  AOA is holding Prop 10 seminars up and down the whole state from San Diego to San Francisco.  Thousands of yard signs and bumper stickers have been printed and continued to be distributed to members and other owners who care to help publicize AOA’s “NO ON PROP10” campaign.  Many other groups are doing the same.
  3.  There has been extensive coverage and a plea for help in the AOA magazine.  Our magazine goes to over 100,000 owners and property management companies every month. (There is no other like it; plus our extensive email list that also goes out to thousands more.)
  4.  We are financially supporting the coalition to stop Prop 10.  Currently, AOA has put over $100,000 to work and would like to increase it to $1,000,000.00. We hope to give more when and if members like you will step up to the plate, do their share and donate at least $1,000 but no less than $100 to help finance this campaign.
  5. Please see the October issue of the AOA magazine where you will find information to copy or print out. (It will also be available on our website). It has been written to appeal to tenants and single family home owners. If all of our members would make 50 copies and give it to their tenants, friends and neighbors, it would save over $1,000,000.00 in advertising expense to defeat Prop 10!

The big question is: Will YOU do your share in winning this important campaign?  Thank you for getting involved!

  1. Have you registered to vote so you can vote on this ugly proposition?
  2. Do you have a bumper sticker on your car?
  3. Do you have a sign in your yard?
  4. Are you contacting friends, neighbors and tenants with information to defeat Prop 10?
  5. Have you attended the seminars?  More seminars are being given at the October 25th AOA Million Dollar Trade Show at the Los AngelesConvention Center.
  6. Have you donated $1,000.00 to help win this campaign? How about $100 per unit?

  VOTE NO on The Affordable Housing “Destruction” Act – Prop. 10!


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