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Once you have hired a new property management SuperStar, the next step is critical.  It’s now time to welcome this SuperStar into your property management company in a way that will accelerate their success and make a lasting first impression.  Read the three steps outlined in this article to learn special tips for welcoming a new SuperStar and how to organize a positive and productive first week.

Organizing Their Arrival

When organizing the arrival of a new SuperStar, preparation must begin at least one week before their first day of employment with your property management company.  This preparation might include gathering the following:  a company directory/handbook, a telephone/fax/address/E-mail list, a cell phone with fresh batteries, personalized business cards, a computer with all the necessary software already loaded for them, a folder with any corporate or medical/health forms they will need to complete on their first day and any property management forms or special business tools they will need. Here are some additional ideas:  stock their office/desk with enough office supplies for a full month, a company credit card, easy-to-follow directions for common office tools like the telephone, fax machine, computer scanner, E-mail and the copy machine, a day planner or new calendar logged with important events or meetings, and maybe a nice company mug to say “welcome aboard”.

Tip From The Coach:  Remember, the preparation that is done prior to the arrival of your new property management SuperStar will make for a smooth first day and ensure that training can continue on the second day, with no interruptions. To ensure that each SuperStar receives the best welcome aboard, review each of the items listed in the above paragraph and create an internal checklist specifically customized for your property management company.  The format and flow of this first week will make a big impact with new SuperStars, but you only get one chance to make a first impression—so make it count!

Planning Their First Day

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Wow!  What a great plan to welcome your new SuperStar, right?  So what’s missing?  Assign a person in your property management company who will be fully responsible for welcoming each new SuperStar in a way that is consistent with your company culture and high standards.  Start by selecting a SuperStar on your current team and assign him or her to be a welcome mentor for your new SuperStar during their first week.  This person can show your new SuperStar around your property management company, make introductions to your residents, go to lunch with them the first few days, and explain the company hierarchy and procedures.  Most importantly, this mentor can answer the many questions all new SuperStars will have.

Tip From The Coach:  On the first day you can help your new SuperStar gain acceptance among the team by quoting him or her about a new idea or suggestion they shared with you.  This demonstrates that you value their feedback and will be quick to give them credit.  This also shows your current team that the new SuperStar on their team can make valuable contributions to the success of your property management company and will accelerate the acceptance process.

Scheduling the First Week

As the hiring manager you are also responsible for meeting with your new SuperStar at the start of their first day to share with them the written plan you have for their first week.  This written plan should include a specific agenda, detailing their exact training steps and who will be assisting them in their learning.  In addition, this plan must include a space for each of you to sign and date every step in their training plan as they are being accomplished.  This is an important check-and-balance, because it communicates to your new SuperStar that they are responsible for the success of their training and you are equally responsible for the completion of a comprehensive training program. 

Tip From The Coach:  At least for the first week, meet with your new SuperStar for fifteen minutes at the end of each day.  Make sure they are settling in, answer their questions, review their responsibilities and ask how their transition into your property management company is going.  Remember, whenever someone new joins your company they bring fresh eyes and new ideas—so listen and watch closely to see what you can learn.

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