This article was posted on Monday, Aug 01, 2016

Dear Apartment and Business Owners:

As the City of Los Angeles speaks about being a “Business Friendly” City, their actions prove otherwise. You may or may not know, the City of Los Angeles has initiated an Exclusive Trash Franchise Ordinance that will impact all Commercial Business, Non-Profits and Apartments in Los Angeles.

This Ordinance was passed by the LA City Council and signed by the Mayor will be going into effect very soon. The Bids for the exclusive rights to collect trash in each of the eleven zones have been awarded. YOU WILL HAVE TO USE THE TRASH COMPANY THE CITY ASSIGNS TO YOUR ZONE AND PAY THEIR COST.

You may or may not be able to keep your current company and if they are not awarded an “exclusive franchise” in the zone where your business is located, you will have to change companies.

This “Exclusive Franchise” will most likely increase your costs for trash removal by two or three times its current level.

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Aside from the inherent faults with operating within a Monopolized System, the financial impact is just plain detrimental to Apartment Owners and Business Owners.

We have begun an effort to stop this takeover of all commercial trash businesses in Los Angeles.

This will be accomplished with a Ballot Initiative to Repeal and Replace the Ordinance. But time is running out.

We are requesting your financial support in raising the funds necessary to accomplish our mutual goals and stop this effort to force you to use a company of their choosing.

We will not succeed unless, we as Business Community, unite and support the effort.

The Ballot Title and Summary was obtained and the Petition is being drafted by our Legal Team. It will be ready this month and ready to go to print.

We have spent much time and effort informing and educating business, community groups and associations about the issue and how it can be overturned. Now is the time for action!

We will have just 120 days to collect the necessary signatures. This will require the use of paid signature gathers.

We ask you join us in this fight for your business freedom and send your financial contribution to the Committee for Accountability and Good Government in Los Angeles, PO Box 9694, North Hollywood, CA 91609.

If you would like further information, please feel free to contact me. Thank you,

David Hernandez Lead Proponent & Executive Director, PO Box 9694, North Hollywood, CA 91609 – 818 448-3403 – ID # 1334520 – (August 2016)