Anthony Miller

Anthony Miller – Founder & CEO GS Insurance Solutions, Inc.

“State of the Insurance Industry and How it Affects Landlords – Expert Panel”

9:00 AM – Area B

Anthony Miller, CEO and Founder of GS Insurance Solutions, Inc., and also the representative of AOA’s Group Insurance Program. Anthony’s team brings a wealth of experience from years with some of the largest insurance brokers in the world. He offers competitive edge insurance services and products to clients locally, nationally and around the globe. Tony and AOA’s Group Insurance Program is saving our members thousands of dollars!

Topics will include:

  • Why insurance companies are leaving California and how to make sure you have proper coverage
  • Why rates are increasing and how to keep costs down
  • What factors impact your rates and steps to take to lower premiums

You could win a 5-Day Cruise Certificate* for two at this seminar!

*Port fees, registration and taxes not included