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Bruce Norris

“10 Decisions to Make Before the Next Downturn”

Bruce Norris, The Norris Group

Our special guest speaker, millionaire investor Bruce Norris, is also the author of the book The California Comeback. When he wrote this book in 1997, experts thought he was crazy with his predictions that real estate prices would double by 2004! He was absolutely right! Then he wrote The California Countdown in 2004 and The California Crash in late 2005. This guy has established a habit of being right! You won't want to miss his current predictions as he looks back to interpret what he now believes the future holds for California real estate investors and what stands to be one of the most exciting and profitable times in history.

Topics will include:

  • How to spot key warning signs
  • Deciding what stays and goes in your portfolio
  • Painful mistakes investors tend to make in this part of the cycle

You could win a 5-Day Cruise Certificate* for two at this seminar!

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