This article was posted on Wednesday, Oct 30, 2019

In the last week, cities up and down California discussed emergency tenant protections, as a results of passing the poorly planned and poorly written AB 1482.  Information on this page may be updated as we receive more information.  Here are some of the results, by city, in alphabetical order?

Anaheim – meeting on 10/28/19, did NOT adopt any urgency ordinance

Bell Gardens – meeting on 10/28/19, adopted 45-day moratorium on no-fault evictions and capped rent increases to 3%


Burbank  meeting on 10/29/19 to discuss eviction freeze, and hear testimonies from tenants and landlords.  Moved to note in file.

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City of Commerce

Daly City  meeting on 10/28/19 passed eviction freeze

El Monte

Inglewood meeting on 10/29/19 – considering reducing increase from 5% to 3% – no results from the meeting available at this time

Inyo County Unincorporated

Long Beach meeting on 11/5 to discuss no-fault evictions

Los Angeles


Monterey County Unincorporated

Pacifica defeated a no-fault eviction emergency measure that was considered 10/28

Pasadena  meeting on 11/4, passed moratorium on no-fault evictions and rolled back rents to March 15, 2019 for tenants facing eviction

Redwood City  meeting on 10/28/19 passed.  Urgency Ordinance during 10/29/19 to 12/31/19

San Gabriel

San Mateo County unincorporated

Santa Cruz  meeting on 10/29/19 passed eviction freeze retroactive to September 1, 2019.



[Updated 12/2/19]