This article was posted on Wednesday, Sep 13, 2023

Your immediate help is urgently needed to fight against Assembly Constitutional Amendment 13, a devious attempt to forever block initiatives that protect taxpayers. ACA 13 is coming to the Assembly floor for a vote as early as THURSDAY.

ACA 13 seeks to make it harder to pass the Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act, our initiative constitutional amendment which protects Proposition 13 after courts have tried to water down the important taxpayer protections in it.

All constitutional amendments have to go on the ballot for voter approval, and for California’s entire history, since 1849, all of them have needed 50% plus one vote to pass. But ACA 13 would create special rules that ONLY apply to taxpayer protection initiatives, changing the constitution so our constitutional amendment would require 66.67% to pass. ACA 13 would have blocked Proposition 13 itself from passing. And that’s the idea.

ACA 13 must be stopped, or there will be no brakes on the runaway tax increases that politicians want to impose in every election. The cost of living in California is too high and your taxes are too high. NO on ACA 13, a reckless measure that would increase both!

Please call Assembly Speaker Robert Rivas at (916) 319-2029 and say NO on ACA 13 — we must protect Proposition 13 and protect taxpayers from runaway tax increases.

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Please also call your own state reps to urge them to protect Proposition 13 and vote NO on ACA 13. Look up their names and contact information at

Please call as soon as possible. If the phone lines are busy, keep trying. We must stop ACA 13 before it unleashes unlimited local tax increases, and blocks taxpayer initiatives that try to do anything about it.

Thank you for your help in this critical fight to protect Proposition 13. We greatly appreciate you!

Jon Coupal
P.S. Thank you for your help to Protect Proposition 13, and thank you for supporting your Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. Invite a friend to become a member and help us strengthen the voice of taxpayers in California.