If you own or rent an apartment, office, commercial, or industrial space in an area of Los Angeles County that is serviced by the Los Angeles Unified School District, you must read this.

It does not matter if you are an owner or renter, as a result your property taxes and/or your rent will be going up if Measure EE is approved.

To prevent this from happening on June 4th, or sooner if you vote by mail, you MUST vote “NO” on Measure EE.

Cost of Housing Goes Up

Please see below and pass this on to your family, friends, clients, and every property owner or renter that you can. If the property taxes increase, it is expected that this increase will just add to the high cost of housing.

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Taxes Go Up, Up, and Away!

If Measure EE passes on June 4th, every property owner will see their property taxes increase by $0.16 per square foot and their valuations decrease. Our politicians will have another $500 million every year to waste on their pet projects, plus they already qualified a follow-up ballot measure that will change Prop 13 and give them more millions of dollars to spend and spend and spend…. They must really have a lot of fun spending our money and realizing that they did not even have to work for it!

You Could Pay Thousands More

Please do the math in order to calculate your tax increases on your homes, apartment and office buildings, industrial and retail space, warehouses, parking structures, etc. The calculation is simple. Estimate the gross sq. ft. of your structure (size of your house or building) and multiply that by $0.16. That’s the estimated property tax increase that you will have to pay every year for many years to come. For a 12-13 unit apartment building with 1,000 square foot per unit, it would cost an additional property tax of almost $2,000.00 every year!

THINK. Our Politicians Don’t!

Think about this in addition to paying them more of your hard earned money: paying tax on all our properties will flow into the school district’s general fund, and we cannot even be assured that the revenue will be spent in the classroom or on our children. Worse still, the measure was rushed onto a special election ballot at a cost of $12.5 million, paid for by tax payers like you and me!

Most of the above was compiled by: AOA Member, Al Leibovic


****Every Property will be impacted****



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