This article was posted on Monday, Feb 24, 2020

WOW, the tricksters in Sacramento are really misleading a lot of property owners with this misnamed proposition! Don’t be fooled. VOTE “NO” on both propositions!

The new “Prop. 13” will raise taxes to the sky. I can’t believe any property owner would consider, let alone vote for this misleading Prop. 13 lie. The same goes for the California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act! The politicians are trying to dig a hole from which many property owners will never be able to dig themselves out. Please VOTE “NO” “NO” “NO” and thereby tell them to keep their dirty hands out of your pockets.

  1. It is another deceptive trick that the Sacramento politicians and bureaucrats usually try to pull off.
  2. The dollars will never be used for what they tell us… just like every other tax. Like the gas and vehicle registration tax that was diverted to pet projects with the swipe of a pen. Or what happened to the last school tax that was supposed to improve our educational system?
  3. THIS IS A THREAT TO OUR PROP 13! I’m talking about the one we voted for back in 1978. The real one that limited our property taxes. The new one they have on the ballot this time will raise our property taxes!

Whether they ask for bonds or other forms of tax, NOW is the time to put on the brakes and say “NO more”. They already have more money than they know how to properly spend. There has to be a time to stop all their reckless and excessive spending. Now is that time!

Vote “NO” on Prop. 13!

Vote “NO” on the School Funding Act!

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Thank you,
Dan Faller

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