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Q:  Should I do a pre-move-in walk thru with my new tenant?
A: Yes.  Before signing a Rental Agreement or collecting any rent or security deposit, DO A MOVE-IN INSPECTION!!!! It is best to use a written Inspection Checklist signed by the tenant, as it protects you in case of an eviction or a dispute arises with the Security Deposit accounting.  If you can, take pictures of the unit and be sure to make repairs on any items in need of repair prior to the move-in date.

Q: Am I required to do a move-out inspection?
A: Generally, the landlord MUST do an inspection BEFORE the tenant moves-out. The move-out inspection provides the tenant with the opportunity to clean and repair the premises so that he may receive his full security deposit back.  However, there are two exceptions to the general rule:

1.  Landlord cannot do an inspection UNLESS tenant requests it, and
2.  Landlord is NOT required to do inspection if the landlord has served tenant
with a 3-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit; Perform Covenant or Quit for waste,
nuisance, or illegal use.

Q: Am I required to give my tenant a notice that they are entitled to a move-out inspection?
A: A Landlord MUST give written notice to a Tenant within a reasonable time after Notice to terminate tenancy is given. Leases require the inspection notice to be given within reasonable time before the lease expires.

Q: When do I have to schedule the inspection?
A: If the tenant requests an inspection AND the landlord did NOT serve tenant with a 3-Day Notice as described above, then set up an inspection on a date that works for both the landlord and the tenant.  However, the date must be within two weeks of the move-out date and the landlord must give at least 48 hours notice to the tenant prior to the inspection (48 hours notice requirement may be waived by the tenant in writing).

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Q: Does the tenant have to be present at the inspection?
A: No.  Once you have set up the date and time the tenant does not need to be present for you to perform the inspection.  If the tenant is not present at the appointed date and time then proceed with the inspection and leave a copy of the inspection for your tenant in the rental so that the tenant knows what items he needs to correct in order to receive his full security deposit back.

Q: What things should I be looking for during the inspection?
A: Typically, a landlord should only be putting cleaning and repair items on the checklist that did not exist prior to tenancy and which is beyond normal wear and tear.

Q: Should I do another inspection after the tenant moves out?
A: Yes, a final inspection may be conducted before or after a tenant vacates. After the final inspection, a landlord may deduct from the security deposit such sums needed to repair or correct a condition that was on the initial inspection and not corrected, that occurred after the initial inspection, or that was not found during the initial inspection due to the tenant’s possessions.  Further, the landlord may deduct for cleaning if the tenant did not leave the rental in as clean of a condition as when the tenant moved-in.

[Editor’s Note:  AOA Members can download the instructions and all necessary forms from to comply with these guidelines.  See the AB2330 Walk-Through – form #135.]

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