This article was posted on Thursday, Oct 01, 2015

It is the first city you come to when you enter San Diego County coming down from Los Angeles and Orange County.  As you enter the town, you can’t help but notice the harbor and beautiful beaches and … you are not the only one.  The uptick in development in the beach area is stunning.

Oceanside is the best kept secret on the coast in California! New hotels, restaurants, and breweries are popping up around the largest transit center in San Diego County.  More means of transportation can be found at the Oceanside transit center than most transit centers in the country. 

The beach area is very accommodating to the travelers that want to get out of their cars and relax when they commute.  From the transit center you can get to downtown San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, and cities up and down the coast with the advantage of avoiding the moving parking lot on the I-5.  Major residential projects are under way in the Oceanside area – both apartment and condominium development and single family homes.

You can still buy a home in the Oceanside beach area for a fraction of what it would cost you just one city to the north or south of town.  In addition – the affordability of owning beach property in Oceanside.  Oceanside has a beach!  Oceanside Beach is guaranteed by the Federal Government.  If you come down to Oceanside today you will see the pumping of the sand on the beaches that is done every year as per the agreement with the Government.  Oceanside’s big wide beautiful beaches are here to stay.

The location is right and the price is right, but most importantly, the timing is right.

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Major industry has moved to Oceanside and continues to relocate in Oceanside.  Development of new facilities is not hindered by the restraints of prior development.  There is plenty of room to develop your site to suit your needs.  This becomes evident as Coca-Cola, Biogen, and many others move into the Oceanside area.

“Time is of the essence”, “Timing is everything”, “There is no time like the present”. The three most important words in Real Estate are Timing! Timing! and Timing!

Please look at the map below.  We, in Oceanside, have been waiting for this picture for a long time. There’s that word again: “TIME”.  Notice the three blocks that have broke ground with mixed-use projects this June 15th!  I drove by the sites today and they are moving forward with full force!   Also notice all the public parking that is being created.  Something big is going on here and it is no longer “out of sight – out of mind” as of June 15, 2015!

Notice that the Public Parking is at the Beach and next to the largest Transit Center in all of San Diego County providing the most means of transportation to and from this Resort Beach Area from all of California! The Sprinter, The Coaster, The Greyhound, The Amtrak, to name a few, all running several times a day to accommodate travelers, commuters, and students.  The transit Hub of San Diego County!



Yes, there IS a Beach!  (There will always be a beach in Oceanside.  It’s guaranteed)!  It is a beautiful beach with lots of sand, fantastic surf, the longest wood pier on the west coast, with the only boat harbor from Dana Point to San Diego.  Oceanside is the home to many world contests including surfing, sand soccer ( the World Championships held here just last month), Over the Line, beach volley ball, boogie boarding and body surfing competitions to name a few.  Oh, and don’t forget the Iron Man competition where 3,000 competitors swarmed the Oceanside harbor! Oceanside is home to Harbor Days and many multi-cultural events.

The projects shown in this illustration are just a few that are underway in the Oceanside beach area at this time. There are a few major hotel sites that are still available along with some excellent mixed use development properties.  These sites offer spectacular ocean views and are located just steps to the beach, pier and harbor.  Oceanside, for now, has some of the most affordable beach property on the California Coast.

My wife Diane and I have been in the Oceanside area since 1978 practicing our Real Estate Profession.  We have a pretty good idea of what’s going on in the area and how we got to where Oceanside is today.  How Hill Street became Coast Hwy, why the moratorium was lifted off of The Strand after 14 years, the impedes that got the redevelopment to finally start redeveloping and the geniuses of the new redevelopment guidelines.  We are the reason behind the law and why it was passed to allow property owners to be able to rebuild their properties, after zone change, if their properties were destroyed, thus allowing lenders to start making loans on those properties again.  This severely impacted apartment owners – the reason a “Vision Plan” was even started for the City for the Oceanside Beach Area. 

The Eisendraths have made North County their home for forty years. Their four children have followed in their parents footsteps and all of them obtained their real estate licenses in their teens and early 20’s. Their two youngest sons are practicing in the Oceanside office along with their staff of experienced team agents.   New, young professional agents working along seasoned veterans and mentors in the business make a strong team to service all your real estate needs.  This is a new exciting real estate market in the Oceanside Beach area. Take advantage of the opportunities that are waiting for you and let The Eisendrath Team lead you to them. 

Looking for affordable beach units?  They exist right now as you are reading this article, in Oceanside.  Properties West of I-5, steps to the beach, two units, 4-plexes, 6-plexes, multi-units, retail units, development sites, they are all within reach right now! Call The Eisendrath Team at The Real Estate Consultants today (760) 815-8009 or visit