This article was posted on Tuesday, Sep 01, 2015

“What’s your top idea right now, Steve?  What are you doing with your own money?”

The answer is simple – U.S. real estate.  Right now, I have a greater percentage of my net worth invested in the U.S. residential property market than in any other asset class – by far.  (I’m not even including my home when I say this.) 

The opportunity is irresistible.  And more importantly, it’s a perfect example of how I make money.  Let me explain.

For more than 20 years, I’ve built my reputation by finding obscure investment ideas anywhere on the planet – hopefully, before anyone else.  I’m not purposely trying to find weird ideas, I’m just looking for the best ideas.  And right now, the best idea is in my back yard – Florida real estate.

You might be surprised to hear that I had never invested in U.S. real estate before the recent real estate bust; I’d always thought U.S. real estate was too expensive.

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Then came the biggest real estate crash since the Great Depression.  House prices in some cities fell by more than half – including here in Florida.  And raw land prices (land that would someday become a neighborhood), fell much further (particularly around here).

At the bottom of the crisis, for the first time in my life, I swooped in and started to buy U.S. properties as an investment.  The first major property I bought was a few hundred acres of land in Florida.  I bought this land from a bank for 93% less than it was under contract for just three years before.  When I bought it, the real estate market was DEAD.  Nobody was buying a home, so nobody needed to build a home.  And … if nobody needed to build a home, then nobody needed this land.

Fast forward three years to today.  The situation is the exact opposite.  We have plenty of home buyers, but no homes.  Whether people are renting or buying, they need a place to live.

It’s simple – no supply and a ton of demand is a recipe for higher prices.  The time is right to make money in U.S. homes.

Last month, I signed a contract with a developer to put a few hundred homes on the land I bought three years ago.  I’ve never been a developer before.  And I probably won’t be a few years from now (this type of deal is risky, and it ultimately ties up your land and money for many years).

But now is an incredible moment in the housing industry.  You don’t have to become a developer, but you need to get on board.

A version of this article by Dr. Steve Sjuggerud, first appeared on July 7th, 2015 in the Daily Wealth Premium, published by Stansberry & Associates Investment Research, an independent investment research firm.  You can visit them at