This article was posted on Saturday, Jul 01, 2023

As a property manager, it’s essential to maintain a positive relationship with your residents. And one way to do that is by conducting multifamily resident surveys. Surveys offer valuable insight into resident satisfaction, highlight areas of preference and concern and build trust.

Unfortunately, in the busyness of daily operations, property managers often overlook (or dismiss) the tremendous value surveys deliver, not fully understanding how a well-crafted and timed survey can help prioritize projects, build efficiencies and deliver results.

By collecting and analyzing this feedback, property managers can make informed decisions to better meet the needs of their residents. It’s a win-win situation for both parties; residents feel heard and valued, while property managers can improve their operations and increase resident retention.


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Top 4 Benefits of Resident Satisfaction Surveys

While there are many benefits to conducting multifamily resident surveys, the top 4 benefits include the following:


1: Improve Resident Satisfaction

Conducting surveys for multifamily residents can help improve resident satisfaction. By identifying recurring themes, you can prioritize areas where you’ll have the most significant impact.
Take Action: For instance, if you discover that residents are dissatisfied with the property’s cleanliness, you can swiftly implement a new cleaning schedule or hire additional cleaning staff to address the issue.


2: Identify Areas for Improvement

Resident surveys allow you to gain valuable insight into areas where your property can be improved. This kind of information can be incredibly valuable, as it enables you to identify and address areas of concern before they become larger problems. As a result, you can create a more positive living experience for your residents and improve overall satisfaction levels.
Take Action: For example, if residents are not using the community center, you can offer new programs or activities to attract more residents.


3: Build Resident Trust and Loyalty
Surveys are an excellent way to build relationships with residents. By seeking residents’ opinions and feedback — and making changes, where possible, based on their input — you demonstrate that you value the input of those who live in the community. It fosters a sense of ownership among residents. And as they feel appreciated and respected, it creates a more engaged community. It’s a simple, but impactful, step in the feedback loop that can lead to a more positive and supportive community environment.


4: Gather Feedback on New Initiatives
Before you implement a new initiative, such as a rent increase or a new pet policy, it is a good idea to survey residents to get their feedback. Doing so will help ensure that the new initiative is well-received and does not negatively impact resident satisfaction. Collecting feedback in advance of new initiatives also demonstrates to residents that their opinions are considered and their voices heard.


Tips for a Successful Resident Survey

Understanding the benefits of conducting resident satisfaction surveys is an essential first step. But it’s equally important to realize that not all surveys are created equal.

You’ve likely been on the receiving end of a poorly written, poorly constructed and ill-timed survey. Getting the responses you need — the data you require — for impactful decision-making requires more than just adding words to a page. It’s both an art and a science.

To ensure a successful multifamily resident survey, below are the top 4 tips you should remember.


Top 4 Tips for Conducting a Successful Multifamily Resident Survey


  • Make it easy: Rule Number One: Make it easy for residents to participate! The survey should be easy to complete and available in multiple formats, such as online, paper and over the phone. By making the survey more accessible to everyone, you can ensure that you receive a diverse range of responses that accurately reflect the experiences and opinions of your residents.
  • Ask the right questions:The survey should ask targeted questions that are relevant to residents and will help you collect the information you need. By asking the right questions, you can gain valuable insights into the areas where your community excels and where improvements are needed.
  • Analyze the results:Once you have collected the survey results, you need to analyze them carefully to identify trends and patterns. Analyzing results is a critical step that allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the needs and preferences of your residents and helps you make informed decisions to enhance your community’s quality of life.
  • Take action: Nothing is worse than being surveyed and then dismissed in the follow-up. People want to be heard and generally, they will be more understanding about why something can’t change when it’s coupled with sound rationale around “why.” While you will never be able to make everyone happy, taking action where possible is important. Specific to your community’s feedback, make property improvements and address the needs of residents.


Multifamily resident satisfaction surveys are a valuable tool for property managers to gather feedback from their residents and are a crucial step in creating a strong and thriving community. 

By gathering feedback directly from residents, property managers can gain valuable insights into what works well and where improvements are necessary. Doing so not only leads to happier residents, but also allows for more efficient and effective management of properties. 

Property managers can create a community residents are proud to call home by prioritizing resident satisfaction and consistently seeking feedback.


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