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Why Smart Meters Are Not Smart For You!
by Ellen and Tobie Cecil

Introduction to Smart Meters
As Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) in Northern California along with Southern California Edison
(SCE) and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) in Southern California roll out a combined total
of 11.7 million new electric and 10.6 new, gas Smart Meters (so-called), we as a property
management team see Californians’ Constitutional rights and personal freedoms eroding right
before our eyes!

The giant utility companies of California have launched a slick, aggressive campaign promoting
Smart Meters as a green energy alternative and purporting to lessen the state’s carbon footprint
thus saving consumers money.

Thankfully though, a grassroots movement of concerned citizens from every walk of life has
banded together to educate as well as activate 48 cities, towns, counties and one tribal land to
stand against the forced installation of these far-from-benign meters.

After nearly two years and three thousand hours of reading, research and lawfully-yet-peacefully
exercising our civil rights, we are convinced that Smart Meters are Dangerous, Invasive and
Expensive¦and taken together that spells DIE! We call this the DIE Effect.

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Please don’t stop reading at this point thinking we are mad. The situation truly is a nightmare-inthe-
making. We believe that you, as conscientious Apartment Owners and Managers, will
TAKE ACTION NOW to protect your property, your tenants and your bottom line.

What Are Smart Meters?
Smart Meters are wireless electric, gas and water meters operating on the microwave spectrum
and electronically reading energy consumption via a new Time-of-Use (TOU) basis. They are
being deployed to both commercial and residential properties as part of the AMI (Automatic
Metering Infrastructure) and AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) systems.

Smart Meters are NOT UL approved; they are certified by the FCC because they are in fact radio
transmitters; and they are generally installed by utility subcontractors having only 20 hours of
training for this highly bio-hazardous job.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently classified microwave Radiation Frequency (RF)
and Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs) which power the Smart Meters as a Class 2B possible
human carcinogen in the same category as DDT, diesel fuel, gasoline and lead.

Microwave technology was developed by the U.S. military as a weapon of war. A declassified
Army document verifies the uses of microwave, viewable at this link:

A single PG&E electric Smart Meter transmits an average of 10,000 radiation pulses per day!
This meter has 1 watt of transmitting power at 900 MHz; it is a radio-on device working 24/7.

These numbers do not even factor in the Medusa or collector meters which act like Smart
Meters on steroids collecting data from up to 5,000 Smart Meters!

This type of non-ionizing (non-heating) radiation represents a bio-hazard to our bodies,
especially to our delicate brains, hearts and nervous systems. Environmental Consultant, Cindy
Sage has done extensive research on Smart Meters, providing a scientific study revealing the
potential damage done to the body by Smart Meters. You can read her Sage Report by going

A Brief History of Smart Meters
These high-tech AMI and AMR systems utilizing Smart Meters join with a larger Mesh
Network known as the Smart Grid, crucial to the environmental objective of the United
Nations’ global initiative known as Agenda 21. For further reading, be sure to visit

President Obama signed the 2009 Stimulus Bill allowing a combined total of $24.1 billion to go
towards the Smart Grid Project. Despite the economic downturn in our country, you – the
ratepayers – will pick up the tab for this national debacle.

There is no federal or state law mandating the installation and acceptance of Smart Meters. The
giant utilities are using their relationship with the California Public Utilities Commission
(CPUC) in order to strong-arm the public into believing that they have no choice in the matter¦
but we DO indeed have a choice if we the people will exercise it.

The current Opt-Out Program being considered for customers by the CPUC is totally
unacceptable since common sense is missing from the plan. Customers should not have to pay a
$90 initial fee plus $15 monthly charges (exception, the CARE customer) for a Dangerous,
Invasive and Expensive Smart Meter. Remember, the DIE Effect is in place.

The Smart Metering Program has started a slow kill for many individuals who are EHS
(Electro-Hyper-Sensitive) to Radiation Frequency. Others who have experienced Electro-
Magnetic Radiation/EMR from the meters are suffering headaches, insomnia, heart palpitations,
grand mal seizures, interference with Pace Makers and more! Tragically, some have become
Smart Meter Refugees having to abandon their homes to sleep in their cars or live as vagrants
moving from place to place in order to outrun the Smart Meters.

Freedom-loving people such as ourselves have banded together to just say no to this unlawful,
unconstitutional violation of our God-given rights. To join forces with those who care about
America and the preservation of our liberties, please visit the following sites:,,,, and

Smart Meters Are Dangerous
Smart Meters have been suspect in a number of fires, most notably at the Santa Rosa Mall as
well as East Palo Alto and San Francisco. Dirty electricity and wiring overloads”especially
in older homes and buildings – is of real concern. Sparking power lines, melting Smart Meters,
exploding TVs plus fried appliances and computers have occurred and will no doubt continue as
long as the utilities ignore the handwriting on the wall.
Our environment is already bombarded by an inordinate amount of microwave radiation and
wireless technology from cell towers, Wi-Fi, cell phones, computers, laptops, Dect phones,
wireless gadgets and gizmos. Even bees, birds and insects are affected. Please read Dr. Ulrich
Warnke’s Bees, Birds and Mankind: Destroying Nature by Electrosmog.
Daniel Hirsch, a nuclear policy expert at UC Santa Cruz, critiqued a state study only to discover
that a Smart Meter has 100 times more cumulative radiation exposure than a single cell phone.
The Hirsch review is online at
Health-wise, some of the symptoms being experienced from Smart Meter exposure are:
Insomnia, ringing in the ears, heart palpitations, headaches, neurological problems, brain fog,
blood-brain barrier disruptions, nausea, vomiting, memory loss, high blood pressure, blackouts,
seizures, decreased melatonin, dizziness, depression, pain and fatigue.
DNA damage and cancer, including childhood leukemia, can result from this radiation.
Researcher Dr. Olle Johansson (formerly of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden) and Dr. Magda
Havas ( of Trent University in Canada have been voices crying in the
wilderness against wireless technology.
A recent Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors health officer’s report is stunning reading:

Smart Meters Are Invasive
The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution grants U.S. citizens the right to privacy. Yet the
Smart Meters are radio transmitters which can perform surveillance and monitoring of all
persons in a home or business via the electronic readings of energy used. The power
companies can remotely control and shut off thermostats, appliances and electronics without
your consent or your knowledge. This could result in life-sustaining medical devices being shut
off to the hurt or demise of the patient (think Pace Makers and Parkinson’s brain implants).
Anyone with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) reader can easily hack your Smart Meter
to gain personal information and to track your movements in your own home or business. In the
midst of this RF fiasco, are we seeing George Orwell’s 1984 Big Brother springing to life?

Smart Meters Are Expensive
All appliances and electrical outlets will need to be replaced (and possibly old, incompatible
wiring) so that the Smart Meters can talk to them and get a Time-of-Use reading. This will
bring the Apartment Owner and Home Owner into compliance with the Home Area Network
(HAN) program slated for the very near future.

Insurance exclusions are the norm as no environmental coverage is provided to ameliorate
problems originating with Smart Meters”problems such as fires, arcing, explosions, dirty
electricity, health impacts, hacking of personal information and the frying of computers,
electronics and appliances. Individual and class-action lawsuits will increase.

Tobie’s nephew from the Sacramento area received his first Smart Meter bill for $400¦ a
quadrupling of the previous month’s analog meter bill for $100! A farmer in Bakersfield got a
whopping PG&E bill for $11,857.99 when a newly-installed Smart Meter glitched!
Expect to receive double, triple, quadruple and even more charges if a Smart Meter is installed.
Peak rates will not or cannot be avoided (thereby saving energy) by many Apartment Owners
and tenants; thus, rates will increase. Eventually, rising energy costs will produce higher taxes.

How to Protect Your Property Rights
Write and call your utilities and tell them you do not want any Smart Meters on your property
under any circumstance. Be polite but firm. Get a confirmation number.

Put sturdy cages around your analog meters; lock and secure them, allowing a clear view for the
meter reader; post a No Trespassing sign on or near them; go to Jerry Day’s video at then find the drop-down form, fill it out, laminate
and affix to your meters.

If you already have a Smart Meter, file a formal complaint with the Consumer Affairs Branch of
the CPUC at (telephone 1-800-649-7570); then copy and paste
to the new consumer advocate site Purchase a Smart Meter
Replacement Kit at, hire a qualified electrician to replace the Smart
Meter with the new analog meter and return the Smart Meter.

Most importantly, BE PROACTIVE in order to protect your God-given Constitutional rights to
life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without the threat of these digital disasters otherwise
known as Smart Meters ruining your property, your people and your profit margin!

For nearly twenty years, Tobie Cecil has managed a 70-unit apartment complex on the beautiful
Central California Coast. An AOA Member, Tobie has been the overseer of a three acre rental
property with the help of his wife, Ellen. Two years ago, the Cecil couple embarked on their
Smart Meter Adventure after reading about deployment of the meters and realizing that an
action plan was needed to protect Tobie’s employer, their residents, neighbors and themselves.
This alarming discovery turned them into consumer advocates; their activism has been blessed
with modest media attention further spotlighting their message. Tobie and Ellen may be reached
by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at (831) 883-2310.

NOTE: Since this article was originally written, two changes have occurred. First, the number
of local governments in California opposing the installation of Smart Meters has grown to fiftyone.
Second, the California Public Utilities (CPUC) has made an interim decision allowing
PG&E customers to opt-out meaning you may retain your analog meter OR have your Smart
Meter replaced with an analog but at a cost. This punitive, arbitrary, initial Opt-Out Fee is
$75 with a monthly charge of $10 (CARE and FERA customers would pay $10 at the onset then
$5 monthly). The CPUC will be holding hearings in the near future to evaluate the costs and
who should pay them. Anyone for any reason can opt-out from having a PG&E Smart Meter.
To have a Smart Meter removed or to keep your analog meter (if you still have one), please call
this PG&E number: 1-866-743-0263.

[Editor’s Note: This article is for informational purposes and may not be the expressed opinion
of AOA.]

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