This article was posted on Thursday, Jul 01, 2021

The recall effort of Mr. Newsom was stuck at 50,000 signatures and going nowhere until Gavin decided he didn’t need to follow his own “no dining out” policy. After his meal with a lobbyist (including a $12,000 wine tab) at The French Laundry, the recall effort gained 500,000 signatures in the following 30 days … (almost 20,000 signatures a day).

This kick-started a legitimate recall campaign. (40% of the signatures came from Democrats and Independents.)

What Has Newsom and His “One-Party State” Accomplished?

  • Raised taxes during a pandemic. We now have the highest taxes in the country: highest income tax, highest gas tax, almost the highest sales tax … and the highest property taxes when we factor in that the average home or apartment unit is 2.8 times the national average. 
  • K-12 education scores are 48th in the country.
  • The unemployment office gave out somewhere between $17 billion to $31 billion dollars to fraudulent claimers AND prisoners got over a billon dollars. The average guy has a hard time grasping what a “thousand millions” really is. Meantime, those who have legitimate claims have to wait.
  • Billions and billions spent on homelessness with no improvement – – in fact, it has only gotten worse … California has over 50% of the country’s homeless. (50% of those are in L.A. County)
  • Record high unemployment (highest in the country).
  • Record number of jobs leaving the state including companies like Tesla, Space X, Apple, Hewlett Packard, Oracle, etc. These jobs will never come back.
  • Record number of people leaving the state. We had a “net” loss of 200,000 people in the last 12 months (the first time in over 100 years that we had a “net loss”).
  • Rolling blackouts because we can’t get another power plant approved.  By the way, how are we going to get to Newsom’s goal of 100% electric cars without power plants?
  • Free healthcare and education to illegal aliens. California has 40% of the nation’s illegals.
  • California was dead last in rolling out the COVID vaccines.
  • Newsom kept California schools closed longer than any other state. He did not follow “the science”. Florida kept their schools open and had a lower COVID rate than California.

It seems that Newsom’s main qualification to get into politics was the fact he is Nancy Pelosi’s nephew and his Dad and Jerry Brown’s dad were close friends.

California Can Do Better!

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There is a very qualified candidate in the field. That would be the two-term Mayor of San Diego – his name is Kevin Faulconer

Kevin substantially lowered homelessness in San Diego. He prevented any damage during the BLM riots – the only top ten city in the U.S. that can say that. Instead of “defunding” the police, he gave them a 7% raise. Kevin saved the city from bankruptcy by getting the city employees into a 401K retirement plan (like normal humans have).

Regardless of how the recall turns out, the people of California have already won. How? The day after it became apparent that the recall would qualify, Newsom opened up the state, began begging the teacher’s unions to go back to work, and lobbied Biden to give him billions of dollars that he could use in giveaway programs that would help him get re-elected.

California can do better than Mr. Newsom; we certainly can’t do worse.

Why Do We Need to Recall George Gascon?

Since George Gascon got elected, crime in Los Angeles County has gone up substantially at an alarming rate. Murders are up 200% over the last year and shootings are up 73%. All forms of crime are spiraling out of control.

The only reason that Mr. Gascon got elected is because George Soros and a couple of his friends gave Gascon $5,000,000 for his campaign. They wanted to see how keeping people out of prison (at all costs) would work.  So, what happened?

  • His own prosecutors sued him for asking them to do things that were illegal; fortunately, the prosecutors won.
  • At least 14 City Councils across Los Angeles County have voted to say they have “no confidence” in Mr. Gascon.
  • Sheriff Villanueva adamantly supports the recall of Gascon.
  • The Sheriffs, Police, and Criminal Prosecutors have been demoralized by Gascon’s “catch and release” policies. The police risk their lives catching the bad guys … only to see them released.
  • Crime victims band together to start the recall of Gascon. They need to gather 579,000 qualified signatures to recall Gascon. That means they really need about 800,000 signatures to get 600,000 qualified signatures. This effort will cost between 2.5 to 3 million dollars to pull off – about $4.50 per signature for the gathering effort.
  • Polling shows that if the recall qualifies … Gascon is GONE. It’s not a partisan issue. Democrats, Independents, and Republicans all want him gone. His most adamant supporters are the criminals themselves.
  • CRIME HURTS THE HOUSING BUSINESS. I’ve spent a lot of money adding security measures to my units. Tenants have asked for a 24/7 full time security guard, which is simply cost prohibitive. The increase in crime is a major reason for tenants leaving (a lot are going out-of-state). California had a net loss of 200,000 people in the last 12 months … not good for our business. This is the first “net loss” of people in over 100 years.

I recommend that if you own or manage apartments in Los Angeles County that you donate a minimum of $50 per unit to the recall campaign (and/or help get signatures).

Attached is a message from the campaign about the recall… and here is the link to donate to this necessary effort:


Contributed by AOA Member, Jerry Marcil, Manager of Palos Verdes Management Company.